'Black Left-pointing Triangle' (U+25C0) and 'Black Right-pointing Triangle' (U+25B6) are displayed in blue

Duplicate Issue #11844964 • See Issue #11635143


Henrik T.
May 1, 2017
This issue is public.
Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
See progress on Bug #11635143
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Steps to reproduce

Unicode Characters ‘Black Left-pointing Triangle’ (U+25C0) and ‘Black Right-pointing Triangle’ (U+25B6) are displayed in blue. You can see this in action at my site at e.g. https://www.irhb.org/wiki/index.php/Good_even,_good_Robin_Hood . If you scroll to the bottom you will notice that the left- and right-pointing arrows (but not the up-pointing one) in the green navigation links have a strange blue background with a black border. This is not the case in Internet Explorer 11 or the latest versions of other well-known browsers. I attach a screenshot and a minimal test case type of html document to demonstrate that this is not an issue related to my site.


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