WebGL (Blend4Web) in conjunction with ogvjs for software decoding WebM

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Andrew P.
May 10, 2017
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I am using WebGL (Blend4Web) in conjunction with ogvjs for software decoding WebM. I am experiencing severe performance issues on a reasonably powerful Desktop. I know that this works on my WIndows 10 PC at home, but at work there are performance issues.

However, on Chrome it works perfectly…

A working example which I have pushed to GitHub if anyone is interested;


I find that when I use the npm software package http-server running on port 8080 and connect and then visit the video-test.html file I have the following issues;

The video overlay on the right hand side, the iframe of the official ogv.js demo, runs perfectly on Chrome. However, on Edge/IE11 browser at my workplace computer it runs really very slowly. So slow that you cannot use it.

The video overlay on the left hand side appears to start playing on Edge/IE11 at my workplace, but seems to stop very soon after the start of the video.

Please note that this works fine in Chrome browser and Firefox on the same computer.

I may be pushing Edge/IE11 too far by running 3d WebGL and video decoding at the same time.




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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Apologize for the long delay.

    Are you still seeing issues with the latest code in the repository you mentioned?  Also, I was not able to see the left hand side video overlay in Edge or Chrome.  I posted a screenshot of the Chrome’s console with items that might be causing the overlay to not display content.

    Also, will any webserver work for this?  I used xammp but could also use node’s http-server module.  Have you tried with the ‘express’ module?  I am thinking that the webserver might not matter here as it is the relative performance that is the issue.  Let me know if that assumption is not correct.  Also, if you prefer me to use the same webserver, can you provide the server side configuration or repor details for the server side?

    Appreciate the help and your patience,


  • Hi Steve,

    No worries about the delay. Actually I have moved away from Blend4Web in my development and I am now using A-Frame instead. Due to licensing issues. Therefore I can close this issue. I will be using ogvjs most likely with A-Frame and so if I encounter any problems I will let you know.

    Many thanks,


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Site Outreach”

  • Sounds good Andrew.  Appreciate the update and please do submit another issue if you see anything.  I will respond faster this time.  :-)


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