Content from loopback addresses (e.g. should not be considered mixed content

Fixed, not yet flighted Issue #11963735


Birunthan M.
May 10, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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According to the spec, content from loopback addresses should no longer
be treated as mixed content even in secure origins. See:

In other words, e.g. fetch('') on a HTTPS site should be allowed without triggering the mixed content blocker.

Note Chrome (and soon Firefox) only whitelist ‘’ and '::1’. See:


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    • Has there been discussion of backporting this fix in a security update for IE11? In order to migrate to this model, we would need it to be supported across all major browsers, and IE11 looks like it’s becoming the sticking point.

    • Does “FIXED, NOT YET FLIGHTED” mean this issue will be fixed in a future release of Edge? Is there a particular version that will contains the fix?

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