TextTrackCuesList does not sort when adding cues with previous start times. "invalid argument" returned.

Confirmed Issue #11979877 • Assigned to Frank L.


Daniel R.
May 11, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

I have discovered Edge browser doesn’t follow a standard of sorting and inserting cues with previous start times. The other browsers do.

Instead if simply triggers an exception with a message “invalid argument”

I attempted to remove all cues from the required index and add them back in order. This also triggers the same message.

If appending a cue with a time greater than the last cue no error is returned.

Here is the insert test attempting to sort order with a previous start time


When adding a cue with a previous start time. same error


Appending a time greater than the last cue’s start time works as expecting.


Any ideas ? Is removing all cues and starting again. Or removing the entire text track required ?

The interface is supposed to dynamically add cues via user input after first loading cues and adding them.

Works in Firefox and Chrome as expected. Edge does not.

Any ideas ?


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