SVG claims feature#Text but does not do baseline-alignment or vertical text

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Gerald R.
May 17, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

SVG claims feature#Text but does not follow spec.

SVG text does not obey alignment-baseline value such as "central".

When Chinese text is rendered with attribute writing-mode="tb-rl", then it is painted vertically. However, the SVG spec states that vertical writing implies attribute dominant-baseline="central", so characters should be centered on the vertical line. Instead, they are painted to the right of the line.

Go to this link

and look at the "live sample". In Edge, all glyphs are painted above the origin. In Chrome, the painting is appropriate.

Or load this image:

The Chinese characters should be centered about the vertical line, but they are not. Chrome centers them.


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    • Thanks for your feedback! I duped this to the existant entry for dominant-baseline in our feature backlog.

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