Edge display message Application Blocked!

Site Outreach Issue #12055074


May 17, 2017
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Steps to reproduce



  1. Launch the url: http://www.samen.ir/
  2. Observe the page.



  1. The Home page should be displayed.


The website is not getting loaded and the message “Application Blocked!..” is getting displayed.

[Note: The issue is reproducible on Windows Phone as well




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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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      Changed Steps to Reproduce

    • The Edge team has investigated and it appears the site is doing UA string detection and Edge users are getting the error message.  When using the F12 Developer Tools in Edge, if the UA string is changed to Chrome the page loads as expected.  


      We have outreached to the site owners to find out if there are specific compatibility issues occurring when using Edge and if the site is utilizing features that are currently not available in Edge.   


      We are resolving this bug and encourage any users that encounter this issue to reach out directly to the site. 

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