CharacterData methods and properties throw "Not implemented" on ProcessingInstruction nodes

Issue #12203272 • Assigned to Travis L.


Stef B.
Jun 1, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
Standard affected
DOM Standard

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Steps to reproduce

The DOM standard defines ProcessingInstruction nodes as implementing the CharacterData interface, which contains several convenience properties and methods for dealing with the data of the node. However, Edge currently throws “Not implemented” for most of these:

var d = document.implementation.createDocument(null, '', null);
var p = d.createProcessingInstruction('target', 'data'); = 'test'; // works
p.length // Not implemented
p.substringData(0, 2); // works - "te"
p.appendData('test'); // Not implemented
p.insertData(1, 'test'); // Not implemented
p.replaceData(0, 4, 'test'); // Not implemented
p.deleteData(0, 2); // Seems to make the F12 console unresponsive

Please consider implementing these methods, as they already work for nodes that implement the other CharacterData-derived interfaces (Comment, Text and CDATASection).


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