U+0000 NULL is not preserved in input.value IDL attribute

Issue #12263595 • Assigned to Bogdan B.


Simon P.
Jun 7, 2017
This issue is public.
Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Safari
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Steps to reproduce

See web-platform-tests PR https://github.com/w3c/web-platform-tests/pull/6149

Some tests fail as follows in EdgeHTML

Fail    value IDL attribute of input type text without value attribute  assert_equals: expected "foo\0" but got "foo"

That test is:

test(function () {
  var input = document.createElement("input");
  input.type = "text";
  input.value = "foo\r\r\n\n\0";
  assert_equals(input.value, "foo\0");
}, "value IDL attribute of input type text without value attribute");

All tests pass in Chromium and Gecko.


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    Comments and activity

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Assigned To to “Bogdan B.”

    • Thanks for the bug report, Simon. Based on expected user impact, I don’t think we will be fixing that bug in the near future, unfortunately.

    • Same thing for textarea, FWIW (only in EdgeHTML, this passes in WebKit/Chromium/Gecko):


      tests for U+0000 NULL   FAIL    assert_equals: defaultValue after setting defaultValue expected "foo\0" but got "foo"
    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Won’t fix”

      Changed Status from “Won’t fix”

    • Reactivating auto-resolved valid bugs reported by web dev community. Those were not expected to be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience!

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “Bogdan B.”

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