Edge flashes address bar making unable to type or search

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Sanjaya S.
Jun 15, 2017
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In Edge when you try to enter URL or search as soon as you type first character it starts selecting everything and drop down shows until you click another application. This behavior makes it hard to use Edge at all. This start about a month ago.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

      Changed Status to “By design”

    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. While typing, if you want to get rid of the auto-complete, then please press either Backspace or Delete.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • Hello,

      If you wish to disable the feature, please go to the Menu (…) / Settings / View Advanced Settings, and under Show Search and Site Suggestions as I Type, toggle the switch from On to Off.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • My Edge address bar also FLASHES (this is obscene) making me unable to type or search using the address bar. I tried disabling the Show Search and Site…, I did the sfc /scannow, I re-registered Edge… I did the DISM procedures, nothing works.
      I did a Safe Boot and found that the problem disappears, but then I don’t know which program is causing the interference.
      Any suggestions.

    • The issues isn’t the fact of “Show search and site suggestions as I type” or autocomplete. The issue is that once you type the first few letters of a search or url, the search and site suggestions begins flashing repeatedly and you cannot type your complete search term. In other words, the search bar in Edge (also Cortana/Win10 search bar) do not function.

      So if I search ‘Microsoft’ in the search bar, it will stop accepting any keystrokes at “micro” (where it stops accepting keystrokes depends on how fast you type), and the search suggestions begin flashing repeatedly without allowing me to complete my search. If I repeatedly click in the search bar, I will eventually be permitted to type a few more letters, but then the search suggestions will begin flashing repeatedly and prevent me from typing any more letters.

      I also disabled “Show search and site suggestions as I type.” It didn’t help. Of course, even if it did work, my preference would be to have Edge perform arguably its core/primary function without my having to disable features of the product.

      This issue began relatively recently. Perhaps as far back as May.

    • Matt H. is accurate in his description of the what the Edge address bar is doing. I cannot complete any input into the Edge address bar, because as soon as I type in a letter or number the address bar flashes and doesn’t allow further input.
      Microsoft needs to fix this.

    • I have exactly the same problem, Matt H. describes the fault well. It is so frustrating, I am going to install Chrome this afternoon as I can’t work with Edge anymore.

    • Same identical issue here and occurred after a recent update. Not sure if this was a major update which may have corrupted Edge.

      I did the obligatory sfc /scnanow with no issues found, the Pwereshell (admin) script reset (both ways) after checking the W-Firewall is set to automatic, blaa, blaa, blaa and the only thing left suggested was a corrupt profile – whoooraaa wants to do that!

      Did a major update on another PC (SURFACE) as well recently which would not even open a page in Edge. The same suggestions were made for that. I reset to the previous install and all was well again, but obviously w/o updates!

      Google Chrome for now until they fix this…

    • Following up on my prior comment: This issue has apparently resolved itself. I noticed the problem disappeared sometime last week. I did not alter any settings since posting my first comment here. The issue has resolved for the window search box as well as the Edge search box.

      Looking at my Windows Update History, I see Win10 cumulative update installed on July 11, 2017. Perhaps that contained the fix? But I think, though I am not certain, that I had the issue between July 11 and when I noticed the issue resolved.

    • In my case it was a McAfee/Windows Update conflict that that caused this issue. I uninstalled McAfee AV Plus and reinstalled. Instantly Edge & Cortana address/search worked fine.

    • Interesting, Laugh. My issue existed on my work computer, which does run McAfee. I did not have the problem on my personal laptop, and my wife did not have it on her Surface. Neither run McAfee. So that sounds like the likely culprit.

      My work computer is administered by an IT vendor, so it could be that he pushed through some kind of update recently that I do not know about.

    • Hi everyone… ‘Laugh M’ is right. I uninstalled McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security, reinstalled it, and Voila! The problem is fixed!

      I had been getting really frustrated with this issue for a month or so. It must have been from a recent big Windows Update, because everything was fine prior to that, and I’ve never had a problem with McAfee in the three years it’s been installed on my PC.

      Microsoft really needs to get this fix out to everyone, because just looking around online, it’s quite a common problem for anyone who has McAfee and uses Edge.

      Thanks, Laugh M… You saved my sanity!

    • You’re welcome John and great to hear my share helped.

      There is another similar issue where you can’t type anything in the address bar and Edge keeps closing. I found this on my Surface after a major W10 update, so tried all the suggested fixes, but in the end I rolled back the update and it worked fine again.

      I might give it a try again on that PC and uninstall/reinstall McAfee as part of the update was the addition of favorite/bookmark imports in Edge.

      I must admit, as a result of extensive Edge fix failures I tried Chrome and turns out I quite like, but still have Edge even though lacking confidence in it with future updates…

    • Yes, I now often just switch between the two depending on how I feel! Generally Edge is a tiny bit faster, but it can tend to freeze up a little more often for some reason. Chrome may be slightly slower, but it seems to hold itself together more…

      Thanks again!

    • Following up again. The problem came back a day or two after my last post saying it had resolved itself. Based on Laugh’s post, I uninstalled McAfee from my office computer and had IT reinstall. So far, the problem is fixed. So thank you, Laugh!

      IT is going to contact McAfee to see if there’s a patch they haven’t pushed out to the public yet. I’ll follow up here if I learn anything new from IT.

    • We experiencing this isssue too. We also use McAfee. But i would like to know which version of McAfee Matt H> is using. We are using McAfee Endpoint Security 10.5.1 with all the latest hotfixes

    • @Ronald v. - I was using Endpoint, but I do not know which version as it has been uninstalled for a couple weeks now. I have not had the issue since uninstalling McAfee.

      IT contacted McAfee support and reproduced the problem with them live. McAfee said, (1) Edge is not supported with the version of EPO Cloud my firm uses (we use the latest version available) (2) Microsoft must confirm and verify the problem before McAfee will consider working on or investigating the issue.

    • @Matt H. After removing McAfee and reinstalling McAfee we fixed the problem.
      Edge browser is working properly.

    • Has anyone had the “flashing” problem with AVAST software?

    • We are experiencing the same MS Edge address bar flashing & type preventing problem, but we use ESET Smart Security 10.1 antivirus. Uninstalling ESET and rebooting did not fix the issue. Out of 35+ PCs with the same configuration, only one is showing this symptom. If I can find a solution short of a reformat, I’ll post it here.

    • I also have this issue. I have this build (10.0.15063) on 4 machines total but the problem only appears to occur on my primary workstation in the office. The start menu appears to have issues, too, when I try and type a command (e.g. ‘mstsc’) where focus is stolen from the input control waaaay too fast to perform a search. I have tried disabling ‘send key’ functionality everywhere I can but nothing changes. Edge is effectively bricked on this computer.

      Please tell me the problem has been bugged and that a fix is in the works! :P

    • I have this problem too. (1703 15063.674) on my primary workstation (Surface Pro 4).

      Seems to affect Edge address bar and Start menu. I also notice that AutoHotkeys is much slower than normal when filling in fields.

      Uninstalling McAfee agent resolves all these problems.

    • You could try adding dllhost.exe as an exception in “Data Execution Prevention” under system properties > advanced tab > performance settings > Data Execution Prevention tab

      Turn on the option for "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select and add the DLLHOST.EXE, depending on the OS you may need to add this from the default system32 folder, if this gives an error when doing so add the DLLHOST.EXE from syswow64

      If this rectifies the issues it is likely a policy from your AV agent trying to inject code into the .exe.

      Please note, if this works this is not a permanent fix. I would only use this on a short term basis to pin point where the fault is being generated.

    • This is the solution below that was posted at the top. I don’t think this feature was well planned because it makes edge almost unusable until you get to another search engine page. I contemplated switching to Chrome or FireFox until I found this solution. I am sure that there are many others who could not find this solution that made the switch. Perhaps a talk with the development team is required. Thanks

      James M. ‎Jun‎ ‎15‎, ‎2017 Microsoft Edge Team
      If you wish to disable the feature, please go to the Menu (…) / Settings / View Advanced Settings, and under Show Search and Site Suggestions as I Type, toggle the switch from On to Off.
      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • @Kevin M.: The solution you reposted does not work. See my July 5, 2017 post. The problem is caused by some interaction between McAfee and Windows. See the numerous other posts above. The only solution that works is to uninstall McAfee. McAfee refused to acknowledge the issue until Microsoft acknowledges it. See my August 17, 2017 post. It seems that Microsoft doesn’t care about the issue given the lack of follow up by anyone at Microsoft after giving advice that doesn’t work nearly 6 months ago.

    • It seems this problem is resolved in the latest version of McAfee Endpoint Protection - / Agent
      Since this was updated last week I have not had the problem with Edge.

    • @Steve E.: That’s good to know. I have not been running McAfee since July or August, and I probably won’t bother reinstalling it unless IT makes me do so.

    • I can confirm that fixes the problem. We have tested it with at least ten laptops. All of them didn’t experienced the issue after the update.

      In the releasenotes this was mentioned as a fix under threat prevention which was, as i believe, the issue.

      1191580 dllhost.exe no longer crashes after deploying a Sysprep image or performing a Cortana search on
      a Windows 10 Creators Update system when Exploit Prevention is enabled.

    • This problem has arisen on my old Dell laptop since the 1709 update. I have never installed McAfee but I do have Malwarebytes. I have this in the edge address/search bar and in the Windows search box. I have the December W10 updates installed. I will uninstall MalwareBytes and report the outcome.

    • Uninstalling Malwarebytes made no difference. I am using no other 3rd party AV software. Firefox is fine. Chrome is fine. Edge is rubbish and so is the windows search box.

    • I have issue in which when you try to type anything on the address bar and search bar on IE edge nothing is showing up. The only thing I found to fix the issue so that what ever you type show up in the address bar is by holding down the capslock key which typing the letters.

    • I am also having this issue in which the address bar keeps flashing when typing. The auto complete feature is off but I do have McAfee also installed. I am unsure how to locate which version I am using. I will try to uninstall and reinstall the program to see what happens.

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