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Joe K.
Jun 20, 2017
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When printing PDF files on Edge, the print preview screen shows only an outline of the page and a small black square on the top left. It will not print the file. It shows on the browser without a problem but it will not let us print it. I can only save the file and then print it via Adobe. Is there an solution for this or some sort of setting? On Chrome or IE11 there is no problem opening and printing.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

  • Hello,

    Thank you for providing this information about the issue. After thorough testing, we are unable to reproduce this problem in Edge with the information at hand. Does this happen to all PDF files, or only some? Please update this case when you can provide more details, such as a copy of the PDF for testing. Also, it will help if you run dxdiag (Windows key + r and type dxdiag, enter, then click Save all Information) and attach the txt file.

    Best Wishes,
    The MS Edge Team

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

  • This happens in embedded PDF files

  • Here is some additional analysis that may help you to reproduce this problem.

    Edge is behaving inconsistently when a web site displays a pdf in a separate window. On most web sites, when I request to view a pdf (such as a bank statement or invoice), the pdf image appears in a separate window.

    This is where the inconsistent behavior comes in. For some web sites, if I hover the cursor up near the top band of the small window, I am asked if I want to display the tool bar. Click “yes” and I get a printer icon. Click the printer icon and I can print the pdf just fine.

    HOWEVER, on other web sites, I view the pdf in the small window and I can’t display the option for the tool bar. Sometimes, if I hover the cursor over the document image and right-click, I can save the pdf and then print it from the saved location.

    Sometimes, when I hover the cursor at the top of the small window, I get a PRINT option, but clicking that option causes the printer to only print the last page of the pdf.

    Since the behavior varies from web site to web site, I suspect it is a compatibility issue involving EDGE, ADOBE and the manner in which a particular web site interfaces with ADOBE to display the pdf.

    Chrome and Explorer operate consistently across all of the web sites I use. [Hover the cursor, display the tool bar, print via the printer icon.) So the problem has to be the way that EDGE is interfacing with ADOBE’s API.

  • I am experiencing the same issue and agree with Patricia’s analysis. It appears that this is an issue with displaying server-side generated pdf documents in separate windows.

    An example pdf is here:

  • Hello…
    Im use windows phone 950xl, after last update yesterday, 2 2018, 1709 arm base device, os 10.015254.248, problem now is microsoft edge can’t open pdf, open in file or in browser, have any solution

  • In Windows 10 v1803 it works. Use the right mouse button.

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