Replace serializers with toJSON and [Default] extended attribute

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Tobie L.
Jun 23, 2017
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We just removed serializers from WebIDL and allowed editors to specify toJSON operations directly instead (WebIDL treated toJSON as a reserved identifier up until now).

To deal with common cases, we added a new [Default] extended attribute which triggers the default toJSON operation that behaves similarly to how serializers={attributes} or serializers={attributes, inherit} used to.

All serializer-related productions were removed from the WebIDL grammar. In particular the following non-terminals:

  • Serializer
    • Serializer was also removed from the rhs expression of InterfaceMember.
  • SerializerRest
  • OperationRest
  • SerializationPattern
  • SerializationPatternMap
  • SerializationPatternList

and the following terminals:

  • serializer in ArgumentNameKeyword.

As usual, please feel free to reach out if anything needs clarification or if you have questions.



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