No contextmenu event on double-tap in narrator mode

Confirmed Issue #12497278 • Assigned to Rossen A.


Jun 26, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

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Leadership approval:

Mujtaba Khambatti
Akhil Kaza

Submitter (owner):

Melanie Richards <

UI / App name:

Web Platform (EdgeHTML)

Does not meet MAS requirement:

4.2.9 – Execution of Available Actions

User impact:

If a web developer provides a custom context menu, the user can’t get access to that custom context menu when invoking it via touch Narrator.

Repro steps:

Must be followed on a touch device.


Turn on Narrator.

Navigate to

in Microsoft Edge. This is an example where the page scripts are intercepting the default contextmenu with an alert.

Tab to move focus to the “Focus me…” element.

Double tap on the screen, within the web document, with two fingers.

User gets the generic context menu.

Right click on the element or (making sure that focus is still on the element) hit Shift + F10.

User gets an alert intercepting the generic context menu: “Successfully intercepted context menu!”

Provide work-around, if any:

User can get the web dev’s custom context menu using Shift + F10.

Mitigating circumstances, if any:


Regression from past release:

Not a regression


This is feature-level work requiring a major refactor of a primary platform pipeline and would be addressed via

. There is a high risk of introducing other accessibility bugs. Due to resourcing realities for the amount of work involved, this cannot be addressed in the current release.

ETA to fix:


  1. Open any web site in Edge
  2. Subscribe to contextmenu event: document.addEventListener('contextmenu’, ()=>console.log(‘context’));3. Start narrator (Ctrl+Win+Enter)
  3. Double-tap with two fingers on the document

Expected: the contextmenu event fired
Actual: nothing happens


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