Match newly-clarified spec on textarea defaultValue/value/child text content

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Domenic D.
Jun 27, 2017
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In and it was discovered that various aspects of the textarea spec were confusing and did not match browser behavior (which was generally not interoperable).

In we settled on a reasonable set of semantics that matched most browsers in most aspects and was simple to implement. The main changes are:

The child text content change steps for textarea elements must, if the element’s dirty value flag is false, set the element’s raw value to its child text content.

The defaultValue IDL attribute must, on getting, return the element’s child text content. On setting, it must act as the setter for the element’s textContent IDL attribute.

These are tested by the tests at (which will eventually end up at when is merged).

Edge seems to have a very broken defaultValue getter, causing almost all of the tests to fail.


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