normalize port after updating protocol

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Timothy G.
Jun 29, 2017
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URL Standard

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Steps to reproduce

var url = new URL('');
url.protocol = 'https:';
  // Edge prints "443" ❌
  // Chrome, Safari, Firefox print "" ✅

Currently, the above piece of code prints the empty string on Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, yet in Edge “443” is printed. Indeed, Edge’s behavior is compliant with the WHATWG URL Standard as of right now, but WHATWG has decided to adopt Chrome, Safari, and Firefox’s behavior in whatwg/url#328 as it allows the URL interface to be idempotent. Appropriate tests for this spec change are added to Web Platform Tests in

Interestingly, our test suite reveals that Edge’s HTMLAnchorElement and HTMLAreaElement interfaces already conform to the correct behavior, just not URL:

var el = document.createElement('a');
el.href = '';
el.protocol = 'https:';
  // Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox all print "" ✅
  // Internet Explore 11 prints "443" ❌


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