youtube no sound take 2

Duplicate Issue #12575648 • See Issue #12007489


steve p.
Jun 30, 2017
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I add made the same issue. on the previous build it seams the issue is not here anymore. some one deleted it. well it does it again in this new build.

some video have no sound

video from YouTube:

no sound.

not only youtube does this but some other video player on the web also.

some video work with sound some have no sound, if some video work with sound and some does not work with sound there must be something different on the web site that cause this. since on the web page no one commented on this I guess other browser (not edge or ie11) the sound work.

came here to say that it does this on the new build but my old post was not to be found and since I did not receive any mail on the issue saying that it was found or that the issue cannot be reproduced etc… it seams some one just deleted it and closed the case not saying a word.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Duplicate”

    • Thanks for filing this bug! Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the issue on my Surface Pro 4 running Edge 15.15063, but I’ve resolved this issue as a duplicate of another bug we have which describes this behavior. We’re working with bug filers to collect more information so that we can better investigate the issue, so I’ll send mail to our video/audio team to see if there’s any other data that would be helpful. Thanks again and stay tuned.

    • This bug has marked as duplicate. Please follow the parent issue to get new updates.

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