HTMLMediaElement.seeking == false right after changing the HTMLMediaElement.currentTime

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Cool C.
Jun 30, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • load the coolcmd.html from attached testcase
  • under the video you will see the text…

***** Expected *****

the text is “HTMLMediaElement.seeking == true”

***** Actual *****

the text is “HTMLMediaElement.seeking == false”

***** Explanation *****

steps performed by the testcase (see the F12 console for details):

  1. load the video using the MediaSource
  2. rewind to the beginning of the loaded video by changing the HTMLMediaElement.currentTime
  3. after the second step HTMLMediaElement.seeking == false, but it must be == true.
    (BTW subsequent changes of the “currentTime” correctly turns “seeking” to “true”)

quotes from the HTML5 standard
When the user agent is required to seek to a particular new playback position in the media resource…

  1. Set the seeking IDL attribute to true.
  2. If the seek was in response to a DOM method call or setting of an IDL attribute, then continue the script. The remainder of these steps must be run in parallel.
  3. Await a stable state (queue a microtask).
  4. Set the seeking IDL attribute to false.

i.e. “seeking” must be == true until the script finishes.


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