Mouse Wheel does a forward/back through browser history

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Scott L.
Jul 7, 2017
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The Logitech mouse I use on search pages as well as some other pages instead of scrolling the wheel does a forward/back through the browser history instead of scrolling. If I click on the page before using the wheel it scrolls normally. If this is a feature, it’s a bust, if it’s a bug it needs to be fixed. Until this changes I will be using Chrome.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. After thorough testing, we are unable to reproduce this problem in Edge with the information at hand. Please update this case when you can provide more details, most importantly a sample website or even a video capture.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

    • How are you triggering the horizontal scrolling? Are you using Shift+Wheel?

      In this case, it’s a feature and intented: Internet Explorer, Edge and Firefox navigate the browser history on Shift+Wheel against the common convention to trigger a horizontal wheel event as the default action.

    • Horizontal scrolling isn’t involved, just normal, roll-the-wheel stuff. No shift or other modifier keys. As stated by the OP, the misbehavior stops once you click anywhere on the page.

    • Apologies. I came here via a search for “Shift+Wheel Horizontal Scrolling” and misread the issue. Thanks for clarifying.

    • I’m having the same problem. It started after the Windows 10 1709 update was installed.

    • Same here, since Fall creators update. Very annoying. No problem on Chrome.

    • Just discovered if you hold down AltGr it stops this happening!

    • To recreate.

      Go to a website.
      Click on a hotlink on that site that will take you to another page.
      Click on the Back button to go back to the original website.
      Now when you use the wheel, it will scroll through your history instead of up and down. Click anywhere on the page (other than another hotlink) and the problem goes away.

    • I have the same problem. I’ve found that if you change the mouse setting “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” to On then the problem goes away. Turn if off and the problem returns.

    • Yes, turning Scroll Inactive Windows when I Hover Over Them on fixes the issue. Thank you!

    • Thanks from me, it is a good work around.

    • That did it for me, too. Thanks.

      FWIW, I had the same problem with the Start menu. Mine has enough tiles to require scrolling, but the mouse wheel had no effect until I clicked on an empty area in the menu–not as simple as finding an empty spot on most web pages. Anyway, changing that mouse setting cured my Start menu problem. Thanks again.

    • I’ve had the same issue too, with my MS cordless mouse, and it’s very annoying. It subsides if I wait a few seconds after a page loads, or click in a blank area. For the future, the back/forward scrolling should work only when Shift is held down, as on other browsers including IE. Also, I’d like to see right-clicking for forward/back brought back.

      Some other things I’d like to see: ability to group pages in history by date and site like IE; a Print icon; ability to open PDF documents in Adobe Reader, either within or separately from Edge - this works from some sites, especially Facebook, but not others.

    • Also: ability to mute tabs by right-clicking.

    • Scroll Inactive Windows setting causes problems with my CAD software (creo) so that work around is not an option for me. The behavior did begin with a recent update and it does make me less inclined to use Edge browser.

    • I am having the same VERY frustrating problem with Edge. When I want to scroll up or down the page it scrolls forward or backward through history. I will try re-setting the “scroll inactive windows” option and see if that works.

    • It seems to be working now. Thanks Wotherspoon F.

    • Exactly the same issue for me, though I do not use Logitech mouse, am not pressing shift, and have no such “Scroll Inactive Windows” setting.

      This has only become an issue recently (I suspect since the Fall Creators Update of Windows 10) for me, so I expect something has changed to ‘default’ this behaviour.

      Even if it’s a feature by design, there ought to be a reliable means to disable it. It’s not just inconvenient and annoying, it’s problematic.

    • Derek W. ‎Nov‎ ‎8‎, ‎2017
      Just discovered if you hold down AltGr it stops this happening!

      What’s Gr? I don’t have it on my PC.

    • this annoys fck out of me, PLS restore some previous versions, it’s fcking CANCER

    • Just wanted to lend my voice to this. Happens to me, too, only with Microsoft Edge, and seemingly after the last update. Contacted tech support, and they just remotely updated my mouse drivers. The problem still exists. Apparently, they are still unaware this a problem that affects a lot of users. Please fix this Microsoft in your next update.

    • Exactly the same issue for me after the recent windows update, but by turning on the “Scroll Inactive Windows when I hover over them” in settings, the problem is fixed.
      Thank you very much

    • Someone needs to be sacked!

    • Turning on “Scroll Inactive Windows when I hover over them” has resolved the issue for me too, though I’m not sure how or why it would help. A long-term fix, to make sure the mouse-wheel scrolling through pages in history works only when Shift is held down, is still needed, as are fixes tp other points I listed in my original posts on November 27, 2017.

    • Same problem (I use "Microsoft mouse), same solution works for me as well. Thanks everybody for finding this solution!

    • I am having the same problems. The problem with turning on Scroll Inactive Windows when I hover over them is if you use sliders in programs a lot using the scroll wheel you greatly diminish the usefulness of those. The problem stems from moving away from the slider you’re trying to dial in even slightly unselects it. If you’re trying to do something and not watch the slider but rather watch what you’re adjusting you can move your mouse a few pixels and it all stops working.

      This behavior ONLY happens to me on Edge. I’m not sure if other MS products may be affected, like Office, etc… but it doesn’t happen in Chrome or Firefox. If you can’t reproduce it you’re just lucky. It’s a complete waste of time when it happens.

      This lends to the feeling that MS Edge is completely amateur hour. Other browsers continue to surpass Micorosoft in the browser field. I was encouraged when I found Edge could use Extensions, Plug-ins and Scripts. But when I got everything set up Edge crashed. When it came back it gave a notice that it “disabled” all those extensions. It didn’t just disable them, it deleted them, and it took all browsing history, logins, saved passwords and saved bookmarks with it. This is with using the same stuff that I use in Chrome.

      It all just feels like Edge is still in Beta and nobody at Microsoft seems to care.

    • Here’s a repro.

      1. Go to stackoverflow. You will see the main page of questions.
      2. Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down. Works as expected.
      3. Click on a question. Any question.
      4. Question loads
      5. Click on the back arrow in the toolbar. This is important. Do not use any shortcuts. Click on it.
      6. Scroll the mousewheel down.

      What happens: You go back in history. What should happen: The page scrolls down.

      I’m guessing the arrow button or possibly its host still has focus, and it interprets mouse wheel events as a desire to go backwards/forwards in history.

      You’re killing me with this. Stop killing me.

    • That’s it. Clicking back or forward arrow then scrolling the wheel starts rolling through the history. I’m glad someone figured that out.

    • I have the same issue for about 1-2 weeks now with edge and chrome something changed where the scroll does back and forward threw the browsing history. It is very annoying because to get it to stop you need to click on each page after goin back or forward. Please fix

    • I use a Logitech MX Master and in the specific mouse settings it is not supposed to go back and forth threw pages/history with the scroll wheel. All updates are installed and mouse driver up to date. Yes this happens all the time. Also running windows 10. I would say this is a glitch not something to change in settings. Thx

    • Not reproducible Issue #12667267
      Why is this issue so hard to reproduce?

      Who comes up with User Interface guidelines at Microsoft? Can’t figure out if a button is a button or a textInputBox!!!

      Mouse wheel has one function, that is scroll. DON’T OVERLOAD! [Shift + Scroll] is good for someone who really wants this …

    • I had the exact same issue, only in Edge, and setting “Scroll Inactive Windows when I Hover Over Them” to On fixed it for me as well. (search Change Mouse Settings to find this setting). My mouse is an HP wireless mouse and I’m on Win10 Pro 1709, 16299.192. Thank you Wotherspoon F.!!! I will be swearing at my computer much less now.

    • You can reproduce the issue if you read up a few comments.

    • What is amazing to me is that the Echo support person marked this as “not reproducible” thirteen days after acknowledging the OP and yet after multiple repro posts and seven months, it hasn’t had any change of status let alone progress in fixing the issue. It is definitely “reproducible” by anyone paying attention and trying with more than a cursory effort. I found this thread because I can reproduce it without even trying.

    • In my last post I wrote “Echo” when I meant “Edge.” Guess I’ve been talking to Alexa too much. I can’t find a way to edit my last post and fix it.

    • Holy crap, Beth W. is right. “Scroll Inactive Windows when I Hover Over Them” has to be OFF for the bug to be reproducible. Verified on my repro above. That’s it.

    • Thanks to those that have pointed to setting “scroll inactive windows” to ON. You have provided a work around for what has been a really annoying problem for me. The annoying thing here was the setting is not in the MS wireless mouse settings where I’d changed every possible setting but is in the Windows settings.
      Now, I don’t want to scroll inactive windows when I have several pages open so this still leave an issue… do I get annoyed with inactive windows scrolling when I don’t want them to or do I get absolutely livid with the scroll wheel flicking me back and forth through web pages? - Neither is acceptable!

    • THANK YOU!!! This worked for me! It was so maddening .
      Derek W. Hold down AltGr and it stops

      YES! Again thank you so much!

    • Scroll Inactive Windows when I Hover Over Them: this option must be set to off for certain CAD software (such as pro engineer creo) to behave properly using scroll wheel to zoom in and out on the active window. So for me and anyone else who needs that setting to remain off, its not a work around. Ditching edge browser is the work around until MS fixes this simple but highly annoying bug.

    • James M/MS Engineering team: PLEASE REVISIT THIS BUG, IT IS EASILY REPRODUCABLE, as described in the comments section here.

      I rarely use Edge because it is so unstable. But I happened to just have it open and was browsing on eBay when I encountered this issue. "BUT… I didn’t have my mouse pointer over the tab bar!", I said to myself, thinking that it had switched tabs because that’s how mousewheel scrolling affects (by design) tabs in my usual browser. But no, this was going back and forward in Edge’s History. And I have to ask: WHY???

      Coding a computer program follows rules of logic, as in “If x, then y.” So it is inconceivable that a positive or negative change in the “mousewheel_scroll” value (or whatever it is called) would ever call up a (go to) Browser History (+1) or (-1) request.

      Should be an easy bug to find and fix. But no, we’re 6 months past when the bug was reported and there’s no action because a MS employee who could perhaps contribute positively decided "can’t reproduce"/"can’t be bothered".

      Windows Mobile is dead because of this same attitude (and poor original coding).

    • Logitech M330 mouse and MS Edge. Immediately after left clicking the Back button, I use the scroll wheel to move down the page, but instead it goes Back a page or more in history. For the scroll wheel to operate correctly I must click within the page before using the scroll wheel. My ASUS Q503UA came with Windows 10 installed. Scroll wheel worked correctly until I reset my laptop because it was running extremely slow and is slowing exponentially. Resetting did not improve the speed at all but now the scroll wheel does not operate correctly.

    • I thought it was fixed however it is not. So until or if it is ever fixed, I will be using Firefox again. Microsoft just doesn’t get it, LEAVE IT ALONE IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT!!! Quit bloating your operating system with so much junk and let it work without all of this annoying mess!

    • Count me as a dissatisfied customer experiencing the exact same issue as described above. Using a very simple wired Dell mouse with a scroll button, every time I open a new tab or do anything in the top ribbon bar, when I use the scroll button the pages flip through the history. Fix this or I am leaving Edge - it is that annoying.

    • I have the exact same issue. It is so frustrating that I can’t be bothered to use Edge any more!

      I go to scroll the page with the mouse wheel and it goes back in history to previous page, I scroll the other way and it goes forward in history.

      It seems intermittent and seems when I click on screen before scrolling it will not happen.

      I have a MICROSOFT!! Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500! So Microsoft can’t blame the mouse manufacturer.

      It is annoying that Microsoft is the only company that can’t do the simplest of things and make a web browser scroll a page with the mouse wheel! They have to make it so it is buggy and frustrating… All other companies whole make web browsers seem to have no problem scrolling a web page. This is ridiculous.

    • The problem has not returned after I did a complete reset since 12/22/2017. I’ve received numerous updates since then and am at ‘winver’ 1709 16299.192. My mouse is a Logitech M525 and I have SetPoint installed. I’ve also tested Edge with my corded/USB optical mouse. This is not the first time I did a complete reset. This time went really fast. I wrote down everything I have to do to get it back to where I want it. It is a fire and forget and let it run overnight. I liked how crisp everything ran after the reset so I did it to another PC just for the hell of it. The only thing you must remember is each time you do a reset it changes the 'hostname’. Licensed products may be affected. You can change the ‘PC name’ back to what it was or to whatever. This is my plan from now on when my PC starts acting weird. Norton can’t cover 100%. Neither can Windows. Have you ever noticed when you uninstall something not all of it gets uninstalled?

    • I have a Logitech M325 mouse and I have this problem as well. Too bad folks at Microsoft are not technically savy enough to figure out that this is a serious problem…or maybe they do realize it and are just too uncaring or rude to respond to us with an acknowledgement of the problem. Anyway I am pretty disappointed as this issue is driving me crazy. I will try the fix that you all have discussed above and see if it solves my problem as well. Thanks to all the folks that responded with a fix. Much appreciated!!!

    • I am paying very close attention to everything I do on all my PC’s so if it comes back I can reproduce it, and again after another 'complete reset’. They can’t fix something that they cannot reproduce. Maybe someone with this problem can donate their PC to MS.

    • its %100 reproducible and it continues to annoy me on all 3 pcs that I use regularly. I had to change the setting “Scroll Inactive Windows when I Hover Over Them” under mouse settings to “no” else my 3D CAD software does not function correctly. With that setting set to no, you see this problem and this only started after the creator’s update.

    • The bug is 100% reproducible and only showed up during this week’s update on my Lenovo W520 laptop. In addition to swapping pages in the browser’s history at times the pointer will not click on the lower part of a page. If I use the bar to move the link further up on the page I can then click on it. I have started to use IE again as it is as stable as a battleship. Common Microsoft GET IN THE GAME! I like EDGE but it is totally useless at the moment. I have tried all the recommended fixes above and have reset my laptop with Windows 10 and repaired EDGE using the app repair and it still is broken.

    • Still not fixed. Still no fix? Why?

    • Stan S., you can use RevoUninstaller to get rid of all those left over files. As far as mouse scrolling goes, clicking on the page first is the only thing that works for me, which is an added hassle, but I have gotten so used to doing it now that it’s a habit I may never get rid of. I am sure someone at Microsoft thought this was an ingenious idea, and by now, they’ve forgotten this comment section because it’s been labelled as 'not reproducible’. Maybe it’s time to start harassing Microsoft customer service for a fix.

    • I have used RevoUninstaller to remove leftover files and still have the issue. The issue remains after installing the latest 16299.214 Windows 10 PRO build.

    • No one can guarantee an app dev will follow the rules MS has setout so I don’t expect their uninstall to be faithful. (That is why my plan ‘A’ is to do a 'reset’. Plan ‘B’ is to boot Win10 from a thumb drive. Plan 'C’, buy a new PC; they’re so cheap.) This also points out the possibility the side scrolling problem may be due to an app that is not following rules. MS could lock it down so this sort of thing can’t happen. We don’t need another Apple.

    • Well, I can second this problem. I won’t be an unreasonable hater and berate Microsoft relentlessly, but I hope some staff pays attention to this issue again.

    • I wasn’t advocating RevoUninstaller as a fix for this problem. I just thought it might be useful to Stan since he mentioned files leftover after an uninstall and couldn’t find a way to send him that information directly. Sorry for the comment and the confusion.

    • Dear new people to this issue! In order to repro this, you need to turn “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” to OFF in mouse settings. If you turn it ON, you will not experience this incredibly annoying bug.

      Please tweet to @microsoftedge and ask them to review this issue.

    • I can reproduce the bug with the “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” in both the ON and OFF positions. It usually happens more frequently with more than one page open at a time.

    • I can turn that ON or OFF and there is NO side scroll problem. The problem has not returned since I did a 'complete reset’. Let me point out a new observation. My PC is an HP. They provided me an unsolicited update and gave me a popup to telling me to restart. After the restart the ‘winver’ did not change.

    • Turning that mouse option on makes this annoying bug go away. The feature allows you to scroll a document without giving it the focus, as when having two docs side by side. You can work in one and scroll in the other. I guess it’s a useful feature, but the fact that when it’s disabled causes browser history scrolling is a definite bug. One of the most annoying I’ve come across in Windows…

    • I have this issue and I hate it! Basically when I start to view a new page in EDGE, if I happen to roll the wheel on the mouse before the page is completely finished loading, the mouse wheel works as a Forward or Back for the browser. Often this accidentally happens because I want to scroll up or down. I have found that if I click on the loading page, that it prevents the Forward/Back. Still this is extremely annoying when I just want to move down the page and end up trying to load other pages instead. My computer may be slower than what they are trying to reproduce this on.

    • Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them = ON FIXED the problem for me - THANK!!!

    • The only way I finally solved this was to do a windows 10 reset which removes all of your software but leaves your files intact. After reinstalling everything this weekend I now have a very fast and stable Lenovo W520 with a 1TB SSD. YMMV.

    • I’m experiencing the same issue and can reproducing it starting everytime. If I browse in dropbox through photos using the arrow keys and then exit to the folder layer boom it now flips forward and back through the browser.

      I have video if that would help but not sure where to include it.

    • Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them = ON appears to solve this problem. Simple fix, and if you don’t have side by side windows open, it doesn’t affect anything else.

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