Images render to media but don't print

Issue #12732128 • Assigned to wptrentri


Dave K.
Jul 12, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
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  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • I see this is assigned to a dev, very cool. Please let me know if I can provide more examples, this is a pretty hot issue for us right now.

  • Hi, I’m looking for an update on this issue as it effects several hundred users using the Berkshire County MLS. As well as thousands more throughout the country.

    Thank you,

  • Any update on this issue?

  • The first link in this bug is currently “404” … but any of the links under the header “Here is some more photos that will not print in IE11 or Edge”

    if you open any of those links directly in Edge or IE11 … you can see the image on the screen but when you print it is a blank page

  • This is impacting several thousand people daily. Our real estate listing services attract more than a million views daily. This week (slower season) - our high point of image views (photo gallery) was around 800K. A good portion of our user base is using Windows with IE and Edge browsers. While we can’t know the exact number who desire to print, we are getting calls daily from those who are taking the time to complain. The only place printing of these images works is in competing browsers.

  • Any feedback (from Microsoft) on this issue would be appreciated.
    Getting ready to swap my primary browser and remove IE/Edge completely

  • I am still experiencing problems with this issue, photo’s not printing. Is there any progress on this issue? Lori P’s comment above is accurate. This issue makes Professional Real Estate Agents appear un-professional. I’d like very much to continue using Internet Explorer or Edge, but this needs to work.

  • @Mark & @Lynn - Is this the web address of the website where your photos are hosted?

    I am not MS, but they need the web address from the photo-gallery, not the web address of the photos stored at

    eg. clicking on a listing at takes me to

    from Edge, go to the website where you cannot print the Photo, then copy the web address (select the Address and press ctrl+c) then paste it with your reply, so that MSFT (Microsoft Full Time) can see if they can reproduce the web site problem.

  • I when to the following web address

    which is a photo gallery of a house for sale at

    then I selected the Print menu in Edge and the resulting print preview only showed the first image in the gallery.

    then I used the scroll buttons to scroll through the gallery.

    then I selected the Print menu in Edge again and the resulting print preview showed the first three images…

    so… Edge is only printing those images that have been viewed in the Photo gallery, while other web browsers are printing ALL of the pictures in the photogallery at

  • I am sorry I didn’t respond earlier. This is the site I am printing from: It is the general MLS for the Greater Phoenix, Arizona area. The basic sheet for any listing information. It may happen anytime, and is very random. You can print 1 or more property information sheets and have pictures missing, the main lead picture on a single sheet or random pictures. Goggle Chrome seems to print without this problem.
    But I don’t want to have to switch to that browser every time I need to print images from my MLS.

  • Hi Lynn, do you have a public site that repros the issue as I don’t have authorization to get into
    ? When trying to repro the issue, I printed with no issues.

    Rob, I went to look at your realtor site and the gallery is a carousel and upon printing it looks as it does on the site. If one clicks on the gallery to open the pop up it and tries to print it doesn’t show the gallery. I then tried printing the gallery in Chrome and got blank pages on all of them.

    Please clarify the repro steps on a public page so that I can get a reduction of the issue. Thank you.

  • Greg W.

    Your title makes it look like you work from Microsoft. The original reporter, David K., works with me and posted this article on our companies behalf. If you are a Microsoft employee, our company has paid and filed a bug report with Microsoft by the ID of REG:118030817779162. If you need replication steps, please open this ticket and they should be there. Otherwise, I have hundreds more URLs that will not print in Internet Explorer or Edge should you need me to post them here.

  • Thanks FBS S - I’ll dig into that one a bit further and update the thread on what I find.

  • Greg W.

    I’ve been working with MS employee Sandesh on this issue and got a testing computer up to RS 17661. We are certainly making progress on this problem where the URL that have been submit are able to be printed to paper and PDF with a small set of images. However, there still remains a problem where a larger set of images sent to printer or Microsofts Print to PDF feature will still not print all the photos displayed. I have uploaded a HTML file called ‘Bunch of photos’ that you may use to replicate the problem in Internet Explorer or in Edge.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • I can still replicate this issue on RS5 build 17735. Any progress updates to offer on this issue?

  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • On investigating this we see the images working as expected on Edge in the most recent RS5 builds. IE seems to still be broken however.

  • Can anyone confirm whether they still see this issue and on what build? Thank you.

  • I stated above that I can still replicate the issue on RS5 build 17735. The seems to demonstrate when you push a large amount of photos into the print job. But if you take the same photos that didn’t print and print them individually, they print fine. I’ll work on getting you a reproducible example here today.

  • David S.

    I updated my PC to RS5 build 17744 can can still replicate this issue. It’s a lot better when using Edge, but really not much better in IE I generated a new photo file and attached it to this issue called "bunch of photos 2". Open the file in Edge and Internet Explorer, then print to PDF using "Microsoft print to PDF", then open that file. Alternatively, you can print to paper to replicate this too, but PDF is cleaner.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • I can still replicate this on RS17758.1

  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • Still able to replicate this in Build 18262

  • Still able to replicate in build 18277

  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • Still an issue in build 18298. Can someone please provide an update on this issue? This bug has been going on quite a long time without a resolution other than to use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to reliably print an image to paper or pdf.

  • Still reproducible in build 18312. Any update on when this can be expected to be resolved?

  • Any update on this yet?

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