Facebook makes Edge crash

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O K.
Jul 13, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

Every time I go to FB, Edge crashes. I should add, FB causes Firefox to crash too (but not in the same way). I attached two images showing that two pulldowns are unable to display anything, the spinning asterisk just goes round and round, w/no messages appearing.

At the bottom of the window, I get an error message from Edge that asks me if I want to Reload the Page. (I’ve tried it, it doesn’t work.). Edge stops working altogether, and i have to exit, clear the cache and re-open.

BTW, when Facebook causes FF to crash, the way it happens is: After visiting the FB site and exploring for, say, 15 mins or so, FF will slow down, even if you exit FB, Firefox will continune to work sluggishly. Tabs won’t close, things begin to stop working altogether.

I’ve reported this bug to Mozilla. Obviously, the problem is NOT FF or Edge, but Facebook.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

  • Thanks for filing this bug! Unfortunately, we’re not able to reproduce this issue on internal builds. If you’re still running into this problem, can you please try the following steps?

    1. Open the Feedback Hub app
    2. Click the Feedback tab
    3. Click “Add New Feedback”
    4. Select “Problem” for “What kind of issue is it?”
    5. Select the “Microsoft Edge” category
    6. Select the “Browser crashes or stops working” subcategory
    7. Click “Start capture” under “Recreate the problem”
    8. Perform the steps necessary to reproduce the issue
    9. Press “Stop capture”
    10. Fill in the other required fields and submit the feedback

    This will provide us with a trace we can use to debug the issue further. Once you’ve submitted this, please reactivate the bug and include a link to the feedback hub item in the comments. I’ll get it over to one of our developers to take a deeper look at. Thanks!

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