CSS variables don't inherit into range input track, fill, thumb

Confirmed Issue #12837456 • Assigned to Greg W.


Ana T.
Jul 19, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Consider a range input in a wrapper:

  <input type="range"/>

Set a custom property on the wrapper and use it on the actual range input - this works as expected:

section {
  --base: #ff6f00;

input {
  border: solid 2px var(--base);

However, using the same custom property on the track, thumb, fill doesn’t work:

input::-ms-thumb, input::-ms-fill-lower {
  background: var(--base);
input::-ms-track {
  border: solid 2px var(--base);

We could set the color property on the range input to the --base custom property and then inherit it on the track, thumb and fill and use currentcolor instead. However, I often want to have the color property on the track set to transparent in order to remove the ticks.


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