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Mark P.
Jul 21, 2017
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Every few months I fire up Edge to see where it’s at. I see that it has improved since last I looked, but there are issues that prevent me from wanting to use it as a full time browser.

The biggest issue is one that I reported a long time ago, and I’ll report again. Resizing the browser window doesn’t work consistently along the top of the window. It is difficult for me to even get the resizing icon to appear along the top of the window, and it feels like it is a single pixel high zone that I need to get my cursor in to activate it. The other three edges work consistently, like any window. Just the top edge doesn’t work. It feels “better” closer to the right side of the window (where the min/max/restore buttons are), and worse when you move left.

Cleartype is back, thankfully. Greyscale fonts were a dealbreaker. Greyscale text looks like a smudgy mess on normal monitors. I looks fine on phones and high DPI tables, but on a standard res monitor it looks terrible. HOWEVER, while cleartype is back in the page, the chrome is still using Greyscale fonts. The tab text, and navigation bar look inconsistent with the page content now. On top of that the iconography is extremely insonsistent. The icons in the title/tab row are sharp and crisp and pixel-snapped, like they should be. However, in the navigation bar row, the icons are a burry, greyscale aliased mess. The "favorite star", and share icons are the best examples of this.

This lack of attention to design details like this make for a bad first impression of the browser. I’d like to switch off Google Chrome, which has become a bloated resource-hog, but I can’t get over how these little details make Edge feel inferior.

On top of this, the feedback hub option in Edge shows up with a “Something went wrong” page. When the feedback option doesn’t work, it make it feel like you just don’t care. I hope that isn’t the case.


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  • I attached a screenshot of the scaled up icons to illustrate. The top ones are the “good” ones, the bottom ones are the “bad” ones. If you think this is simply my "opinion", you are incorrect: these icons are of technically poor design.

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    Changed Assigned To to “Dave B.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Dave B.” to “David R.”

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