pageshow is firing before image is visible on the page and its ResourceTiming data is ready

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Nic J.
Jul 26, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

We have a simple page with 2 images.

The first image loads in 1 second, the second image loads after 2 seconds:

<img src="/delay?delay=1000" />
<img src="/delay?delay=2000" />

In Edge 15.15063, the page waits for the second image to load (2 seconds), then it fires the pageshow event.

However, at the time pageshow fires, the 2nd image isn’t always visually on the page, and it’s responseEnd (queried via ResourceTiming) is sometimes 0. This happens some of the times, not all of the time (on my machine).

At the time pageshow/onload fires, I would expect all of the static visual elements to be visually on the page, and their ResourceTiming datas to be filled out.

Repro here:

Edge 15 repro:


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