Issues with in IE11 on Windows 10 and Edge (difference in Protected Mode)

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Andrew L.
Aug 1, 2017
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I have a website running on a local server on our network (Intranet Zone). It is needing to open a popup on a URL that is in the Internet Zone, and then monitor when the popup closes and be able to close it.

This is having some problems in IE11 (see attached repro):

  • If I simply open the popup to an “Internet Zone” URL (see Popup Reference Issue in the parent.html page), returns null. I can’t tell if it actually opened (as opposed to being blocked by a popup blocker), I can’t tell when the user closes it, and I can’t close it.
  • If I open a page that then redirects to the “Internet Zone” URL (see Popup Redirect Issue), the popup window seems to “disconnect” from the parent page upon redirection. The object returned from is still present, but it says that closed is true and doesn’t respond when I invoke the close() function on it.

I found that if I customize my Internet Options so that “Enable Protected Mode” is ON for the Intranet Zone, the problems mostly go away in IE11 except that I still can’t close the window in the first scenario. It seems that doesn’t work properly when the “Protected Mode” of the parent and child pages are different.
Is the way that Internet Explorer is intended to work?

In Edge, I am unable to close the window in the first scenario, but the “Popup Redirect Issue” scenario does allow me to check the closed property and close the window after redirection. Changing “Protected Mode” doesn’t alter Edge’s behavior.
Is this how Edge is intended to work?



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    Can you please give us a reduced sample of the problem in Edge only and the repro steps including what is expected and what actually happens?

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