Edge always uses integrated GPU for WebGL

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Ashley G.
Aug 4, 2017
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I have a dual-GPU laptop with a common setup of a weak, low-power integrated Intel GPU, and a high-performance nVidia gaming-grade GPU. Visiting http://webglreport.com/?v=1 to see which GPU is in use (via unmasked renderer), Edge always uses the weak Intel GPU, including when connected to mains power, and after specifically configuring the nVidia control panel to use the high-performance nVidia GPU with Edge. Both Chrome and Firefox are able to use the nVidia GPU on the same system.

Edge should at least respect the setting in the nVidia control panel. Better yet, implement support for the powerPreference WebGL context attribute, so pages themselves can request either a “low-power” or “high-performance” GPU.


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    • I’m dealing with this issue on my Surfacebook with the performance base (nVidia GTX 965m). I have windows graphics set to force Edge to be "High performance". This did not work. Changing power settings did not work. I downloaded the latest driver from nVidia and used their Control panel. This did not work. The really odd thing is that on attempting to detach the display from the base reveals that Widows thinks Edge is using the dedicated GPU in the base. It tells me i need to shut Edge down.

      I’m a big boy… please let me use my device as I want. I want Edge to use the GTX 965m without a complicated maze of settings. I’ll continue to use Chrome until then.

    • I have a same issue on Surface book 2 15" model.
      Edge doesn’t use GPU of NVIDIA 1060.
      I can check the issue on performance tap of task manager.
      Please check with below URL.
      In case of Chrome, use resource of GPU of NVIDIA fully, but Edge doesn’t.
      Please let me know how to solve this issue through bckorea@outlook.com

    • For your reference, my os build number is 17134.345 ( i think it’s newest version ).
      The version of graphic driver of Nvidia is 416.34 version of Oct. 11. 2018.

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