IE does not instantiate F12 if user tries to start it after refreshing a page.

Fixed Issue #1314076


Jan 9, 2015
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Steps to reproduce

fbl_ie_stage_dev2 150103 (but shouldn’t matteR)


Open any page at all

Refresh it

Try to open F12 – it won’t start (F12 code doesn’t get loaded)


F12 is not opened because CShellBrowser2::OnBrowserNavigateComplete2() is not called at all (before or after I hit F12). I repro this in a build from Dec as well.


It looks like this was introduced in 1441957 by Tom Bolds (which fixed a different bug). Most likely navigatecomplete is not expected to be fired on a refresh, by design. So this code in shdocvw2.cpp needs to listen to some other event (possibly as well) without regressing the original fix.


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