CSS3 transform: translateZ seems not working properly

Issue #13178662 • Assigned to Rick J.


Mathieu S.
Aug 10, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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I’m working on a website and I’ve originally tested my page on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. This page works perfectly on all these browsers and on all usual platforms (Linux, Darwin and Windows).

I’ve just tested now with Edge and it’s a disaster :-(

This page http://devel.schroetersa.ch/planetblupi/ is using intensively CSS3 animations and transforms. If you try with Chrome, Firefox, etc, … everything (animations + scrolling) are smooth. But if you open this page on Edge, it needs a very powerful computer (otherwise it takes a very long time to open) and when scrolling, the layers translated to Z, are always moved on top of the page with a trembling… it’s very strange…

I think that my page is a good benchmark for the renders of all browsers ;-)


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