Audio does not stop when navigating back from Bing video result (IE11 / Windows 8.1)

Fixed Issue #13178934


Adam T.
Aug 10, 2017
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  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

What is the issue? (describe the user scenario) 
Bing video continues to play even if navigating away from the page

How was the issue/bug found?  
Feedback from End User

Impact Assessment
Critical/Important/Moderate/Low as per bug bar

Quantify the impact of the issue - 
This is a common scenario that will lead to frustration and confusion. 

Is this a scenario regression from a previous OS or servicing update? 

Is the fix ready and what is it? 
Fix is through CVlist by removing from CVlist BFCache session

How was the fix Validated?

Regression risk level of the fix

Risk Mitigation
Recover the old CVlist version

Is the fix in RS4?

Has the fix flighted in RS4?

What platforms/browsers do we need to ship this fix for?
This is CVlist change only. Does not ship with code.

Recommended RelNote

In Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1:

Do a search in Bing videos. For example:

Select one of the results and begin watching.

Navigate back to the results.

The audio from the video will continue playing, even though you’ve navigated back from the video page.


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