Cannot download some type of files from S3 bucket in Edge or IE

Fixed Issue #13204215


Frédéric C.
Aug 11, 2017
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Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

This issue appeared this week for the first time. It is currently affecting hundreds of our users.
As far as we can tell, it looks like Windows Defender Smartscreen is silently blocking file downloads from AWS S3. It appears not all file types are affected, for instance .xlsx, png and .txt files work, but not .pdf.

Turning off SmartScreen immediately resolves the issue, but we can’t suggest this to all of our users.

To reproduce, simply open Edge (v40.15063.0.0) and put this in the address:


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    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We previously confirmed the problem, and have published a solution on a newer build of Edge. We are resolving this issue as a duplicate of an existing internal bug report. We look forward to additional feedback you may have on how we can improve Microsoft Edge.

      Best Wishes,

      The MS Edge Team

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