PIctures are slow to render in Onedrive

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George C.
Aug 11, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
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Steps to reproduce

The pictures in Onedrive are slow to render in IE and Edge. It will take these picture between 1-2 hours to render correctly.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • Hi George,

    What is your internet upload speed?  You can use a site like

    to test this.

    Is it also slow even after One Drive has sync’d?  Can you verify that One Drive has sync’d all the files?  See the attached screenshot.  If the drive has not yet sync’d, it will be slower and especially with larger files.


  • I’m on Verizon Quantum Fios (500MBPS)

  • They are sync’d but this was like this until I upgraded to the 1703 Windows Editions.

  • I did this today.

  • They are sync’d but this wasn’t like this until I upgraded to the 1703 Windows Edition today.

  • I rebooted the computer but some of the .jpg files are still not loading in Onedrive in edge nor IE11. I’ll watch to see how long it takes if they load. If it takes longer than 1/2 hour. I will not post back.

  • I reload the pages and both are loading speedy. I don’t know what happened earlier but let’s close this. Thanks.

  • I see, you only have 1/2 of a full Gbps connection…  :-> Just kidding of course.

    There are couple things that come to mind that could cause this.  Two that come to mind are a connection issue specific to those sites (or being throttled - most sites can not support a continuous 500 Mbps connection, bursting fine), ephemeral network ports being exhausted (reboots would clear that.) 

    I will close this but let us know if the issue comes back.  If it does, I would like to see a network capture of some type.

    Appreciate the support and the submission,


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Not reproducible”

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