Upon opening Edge will crash

Issue #13269237 • Assigned to Steven K.


Louis D.
Aug 15, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Upon last update I have not been able to use Edge at all. A window will open, The bars across the top will be there and a white screen below after about 15-20 sec it closes. I have updated my AMD video card and I have reset Microsoft Explorer settings as some forums suggested and none has had an effect. I can’t seem to uninstall Edge then try to reinstall it. When I go to the Edge download page it wants me to open edge to download it. Same with Adobe flash and shockwave. I am now at an impass with what I know to look at.


Comments and activity

  • What the?! So the new improved Windows features include not being able to use Edge at all as it fails to launch. Glad I spent around 6 hours allowing my PC to update to this revision. All on one platform now and yet the flagship Microsoft browser doesn’t even open. Special. Do Microsoft have test engineers anymore or do they rely on their public and customers to find stuff out?

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • After latest update can not use Edge. Chrome works fine.

  • Hi Louis, and Keith,

    Can you provide a DirectX diagnostic
    log for this issue?

    To run a DxDiag report follow the steps below:


         If you are running Windows Vista or higher go to your task bar.
         Click on, "Start Button".
         Click on, "Run".
         In the pop-up window enter DxDiag and hit ok.
         The DirectX Diagnostic Tool pop-up window should appear.
         Click on, "Save all information".
         Save As" window should be present.
         Click on, “Save” (The file should be saved to your
      desktop as DxDiag.txt)
         Exit the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.


    Then upload and attach the
    saved output file to this post.


    Also, here is a link to procedures for recovering Edge without using Edge.  I am not familiar with a way to download Edge.  Curious about where you saw those instructions.  Be sure to head the warning about losing your favorites, extension, etc.  I would export your favorites before hand.



    Thank you for the help and let me know how it goes,



  • Hi Steve,

    I tried the steps in the thread you posted but it didn’t really work, Edge now gets less far in starting before abruptly closing. It now just has a blue screen with the ‘e’ logo ant then closes, before there were menu bars top and right.

    Can’t see an attach button to attach the DXDiag output, will look again in a second. Please note that this has only happened since the update last week, I believe it it called "Creators Update".

  • Ahh, there’s the attachment button, right at the top! Please find the attached DXDiag log.

    Thanks ,Keith

  • I am having the same issue! i am running the DxDiag but taking its sweet time

  • Hi Steve,
    sorry for the delay. Please find my DX report attached as the second one dated Aug 20 at 7:30pm.

    Here is where I went to look at downloading Edge:


  • Hi Steven,

    This has all been a little silent since I sent the DX report as requested, any update? I still can’t use Edge at all.

    Regards, Keith

  • Hi, Yes this is still an issue for me as well.

  • Hello all,

    As an FYI, there is no way to download Edge.  It is a core part of the Windows 10 operating system.  There are ways to clean temporary files and restore it to the original but no way to remove it or re-download it externally.  If we need to “reset” it we can go that route.

    If anyone is still having this issue, can you please refer to the following bug report and see if you are having the same issue?  If it is the same issue, we do have a fix for it.


    Appreciate the updates, even those I am slow to respond.  :-/

  • Hi Steven,

    I have downloaded the regfix.zip from the other post, run the extract in an elevated Powershell as per the instructions, after a reboot I have no change. Edge loads for maybe 10s or so, has no content but the menus do function. It then disappears with no error / bug report. Managed to capture the (hopefully) attached window snip. Nothing to do with internet connection or webpages - I don’t get that far.

    Any further suggestion?

  • Same issue since most recent update.

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