Sending JSON objects from Native Messaging

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Greg D.
Aug 16, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

How do you send an object with multiple values, rather than just a string?

Unfortunately the C#/C++ examples only show sending a single string value, as message or response.

I’ve managed sending a value from native messaging UWP AppService

            ValueSet valueSet = new ValueSet();
            valueSet.Add("Anything here?", "Text here");
            await connection.SendMessageAsync(valueSet);

In Edge extension background script gets String value "Text here", makes sense as a string was sent.

In Chrome/Firefox because of text based stream, you serialize the object, so tried the same for Edge

            Dictionary<string, object> result = new Dictionary<string, object>
                        { "Command", "BRIDGE NOT AVAILABLE" },
                        { "NoResult", true }

            ValueSet valueSet = new ValueSet();
            valueSet.Add("message", JsonConvert.SerializeObject(result, Formatting.Indented));
            await connection.SendMessageAsync(valueSet);

But here the string wasn’t parsed back into an object, but left as a string.

recieved message from native app: message:  {
  "NoResult": true

In Chrome/Firefox this is an object parsed from the stream.

I also tried sending a ValueSet hoping for object, but it didn’t even show up in the console log, not sure where it went.

            ValueSet valueSet = new ValueSet();
            valueSet.Add("Command", "getUrl");
            ValueSet msg = new ValueSet();
            msg.Add("Message", valueSet);
            await connection.SendMessageAsync(valueSet);


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