TWebBrowser control has 3 issues now

Issue #13343288 • Assigned to Vikas R.


Zvone Y.
Aug 20, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

3 issues with TWebBrowser (MSHTML wrapper control for applications to utilize Internet Explorer browser - not EdgeHTML) - on Windows 10 only - all of these issues used to work on earlier releases of Windows 10.

Bug 1:

If the body uses - <BODY spellcheck=true> - right clicking a misspelled word opens to the left of the word (far left) not directly below the misspelled word. To reproduce - a) open TWebBrowser control in an app, b) preload the content with <BODY spellcheck=true> attribute, c) enter edit mode (designer mode), d) misspell a word so it is underlined in red wavy line, e) right click it to offer spelling suggestions - popup menu will open not below the word as expected but close to left edge of the screen. This used to work in earlier versions of Windows 10 but not in the current one.

Bug 2:

Arrow keys up / down no longer work to scroll the content in TWebBrowser - page up/down work, mouse wheel works. Scrolling using arrow keys works fine in Internet Explorer itself. Just not in embedded TWebBrowser control. To reproduce - open scrollable content in TWebBrowser - click into it and press arrow up/down keys to try to scroll the content. This used to work in earlier versions of Windows 10 but not in the current one.

Bug 3:

When Windows is in high DPI (250 for example) - and application utilizes TWebBrowser to print content - print does not print to the full margins of the document. Printout is cut (clipped) at about half of the width of Letter or A4 width. If the same HTML is printed from Internet Explorer - it prints out fine. The problem is only present when printing from TWebBrowser control.


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