Extremely slow scolling on cnet.com site - problem with scripts/styling

Not reproducible Issue #1340808


Jan 13, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:


  1. Open IE (I have 11.0.9600.17416, with update 11.0.14, latest available to date on Win 8.1)

  2. Navigate to http://www.cnet.com/news/  

  3. Wait a bit until everything loads.

  4. Click in the page

  5. Use Up/Down arrows on keyboard to scroll up/down (e.g. keep Down pressed to better see the effect)

Expected Results:


When scrolling (either by mouse clicks on vertical scrollbar, or by keyboard arrow keys), IE completely uses one CPU to run javascript and do styling. As result, the page scrolls by “jumping” instead of a fluent scroll. Compare the results in IE and Chrome

Expected: Fluent scrolling, like Chrome.

I’ll attach a F12/UIResponsiveness capture. I tried to capture a video as well, but the video capture interferes and the bad perf effect is not visible that way.

Actual Results:


Dev Channel specific:




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