Extension gets removed when its Manifest file has more than 10 matches in content_scripts hive

Confirmed Issue #13412980 • Assigned to Kanthi R.


vivek s.
Aug 24, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

Edge version - 41.16257.1000.0
Win10 Version - 1703 (OS Build 16257.1000)

Issue is :- Edge displays the message “Something went wrong with your extensions, so we had to reinstall them. You will need to turn on …” after closing and relaunch Edge with our extension installed.

Edge automatically uninstalls our extension with the above message and later reinstall the extension.

Possible root cause:-

When the extension “manifest.json” has more 10 matches in its [content_scripts] this issue is seen.

If we reduce the no of matches in the [Content_scripts] to
less than 10, then this issue is not seen.

Attached a Sample extension which has 11 matches in its Manifest file for debugging.

Note:- With the Sample extension, we see the extension getting uninstalled alone with the error message.


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