Clicking on element with "position:relative" inside contenteditable container scrolls the container

Confirmed Issue #13695097 • Assigned to Grisha L.


Jakub Ś.
Sep 12, 2017
This issue is public.
Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
Reported by 1 person

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Steps to reproduce

  1. Open attached sample file
  2. Click on yellow word

Result: The contenteditable container will scroll down, pause for a moment and scroll up to clicked word.

Problem can be reproduced in IE11 and Edge.
Edge Veersion Tested:

  • Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0
  • Microsoft EdgeHTML 15.15063


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Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

    Changed Assigned To to “”

    Changed Assigned To to “Grisha L.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    Changed Assigned To from “Grisha L.” to “Amit J.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Amit J.” to “Grisha L.”

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