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chandu r.
Sep 15, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • Hi Chandu,

    This is a duplicate issue.  I am duplicating this issue to the previous bug report.

    Can you tell me when this started happening?  Recent application install or Windows update?

    If this is the same issue, as it appears to be, we have a fix for it.  I posted the fix in the previous bug report.  Search for the following post by me.  It will be a ways down the page or next page.

    “Steven K. Sep 11 2017 Microsoft Edge Team
    @Kevin, glad we got it sorted out and thank you for posting back here.”

    Quick summary for you is that your application permissions for some TCP/IP parameters were changed.

    The outline is below.  You will find the on the previous bug report’s attachments list.

    • Save the zip attachment ‘’ to your Downloads directory.  This is most likely the default location.
    • Go to your Downloads fold and locate the zip file.
    • Right click the file and unzip it, E.g. Right click the file and select “Extract All…”  Install 7zip if needed.
      Open a PowerShell command prompt as administrator.  Win + S and then type powershell.  Find the command and right click to “Run as Administrator”
    • Run the following commands in the admin powershell.  One of the commands will ask for permission.  Select ‘A’ to allow all when prompted.
    • You need to first cd to the directory where the was extracted.  This should be in the regfix directory in Downloads.

    set-executionpolicy unrestricted

    • Select ‘A’ and hit enter to allow running scripts
    • Restart your computer
  • I decided to uploaded the fix here as well.  The other post has a lot to read through and a good portion is not relevant to the final fix.

    I will still duplicate this issue, however, I will wait a day or so, in case you have questions.


  • no result found.but thank u for suggesting

  • my wifi is no seen in my network settings .but i can find wifi in network connections when i trouble shoot my wifi its showing (your computer appears to be correctly configured ,but the device detected or resource(DNS server )is not responding).still i can browse through my chrome but i cannot browse in my edge browserits showing (error INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND).can some reolve this problem.

  • my wifi is not seen in my network settings .but i can find wifi in network connections .when i trouble shoot my wifi its showing (your computer appears to be correctly configured ,but the device detected or resource(DNS server )is not responding).

  • Did you try the fix I posted?

  • This Fix is the only one that worked for me. Same isue as other people at this post and the other one. Edge, store and Cortana didnt conect but IE11 or firefox working right.

    Thanks a lot for ur work @Steven K.

    At the other post i had read that some people used malwarebytes, and i used it too… Could it be that that software erased any of the registry entries that caused that failure? Because I had windows 10 updated and working fine until I used malwarebytes to delete a malware that had on my PC and right there started to fail Edge

    Nice to meet U

  • Hi Jonatan,

    Nice to meet you as well.  :)

    That feedback is invaluable.  I really appreciate you posting back that information and that the fix (from one of our Edge developers, i.e. not my creation) corrected the issue for you.  It is very possible that what you mentioned about removing some malware could have been the cause.  I am not up to date on the latest discoveries on the root causes for this, however, I already forwarded your observation.

    Thanks again,

    Steve & the MS Edge Team

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status to “Duplicate”

  • This bug has marked as duplicate. Please follow the parent issue to get new updates.

  • I forgot to mention that to run this script the execution policy needs to be changed in the admin powershell.  I think many users figured that out but wanted to state that here so that the entire fix for this issue is in one location.

    Run the following command to allow the attached unsigned powershell script to run:

    Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted

    Select ‘Y’ when prompted.

  • For Steven K

    Hi Steven. New member here. Read through the content of both Issues 13779603 and 12304958.

    Inital OS was the 1703 Win 10 distribution. Followed the instructions for the regfix installation and continued to receive the “INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND” error. Mirosoft was kind enough to update this laptop to the 1709 Fall Creators Update where the URL in question continued to receive the “Not Found” message. At this point, the regfix installation has not been applied to the 1709 update.

    I am trying to install the Macrium Reflect backup software on this laptop. Opening the Edge Browser to “” works fine; however, when trying to download the software at “” the “Not Found” message appears. Communicating with Macrium support staff resulted in them issuing me an alternate URL where the installation software was successfully downloaded. But, when trying to install the software, the validation portion fails because it receives the same “Not Found” message. An alternate URL “” (license key and activation code changed on purpose) was used in an attempt to circumvent the inital problem - - - all to no avail. “INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND” is alive and well.

    I have copies of the regfix (verbose) install to the 1703 version. I have also made a netsh trace associated with the Edge browser where the “Not Found” message is received in the browser for the 1709 version. Please provide instructions on how I might forward these files to you via this forum.

    Thank you in advance.


  • I have the same issue. Edge, Internet Explorer and Microsoft games do not work. I have tried this fix to no avail. Strangely Chrome does?

  • I logged in only to thank you my pal.
    Damn easy method and the ONLY one that worked for me!

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