Custom scroll bar not respected in edge & Edge doesn't use fluent design scroll bar by default

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Usman M.
Sep 19, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Custom Scrollbar styling

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Edge doesn’t implement custom scroll bars, and always shows thick wide scroll bars. This is noticeable in new outlook beta as it uses the custom scroll bar from office fabric.

The default thick bar can break any sites that implement their own version of the scroll bar. Edge should respect this decision and not use the default thick version.

Here’s a an example of custom scroll bars, which renders fine in chrome

Also edge doesn’t support the fluent design scroll bar by default either.


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  • I hope that Edge will support this feature soon, because almost websites of our company are so cool on Chrome, but not on Edge, IE, and Firefox, then IT team has to send an email to encourage all employees (300.000+) use Google Chrome instead of. I am afraid of another day, people in the world have to use Chrome to access any website, then Google can do everything they want.
    But it seems that, Firefox is trying to support this feature:

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