IMG element ALT attribute not honored when copying to clipboard

Confirmed Issue #13921866 • Assigned to Amit J.


Richard S.
Sep 24, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

When copying from a web page, the text clipboard formats contain no content for IMG elements. The IMG element graphic should be replaced with the alt attribute value if present. As described at, the alt attribute contains the fallback content.

To see a good example where this fails utterly, open and scroll down to the heading "Character list for copying". Copy all of the emoji images in this section. The text clipboard formats contain only spaces. All of these emoji have the emoji character sequences as the value of the alt attribute. If this worked correctly, the text clipboard format would contain all the emoji.


Comments and activity

  • I forgot to mention that Chrome 61 does this correctly, at least on RS3 16296.

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