Booted from mid-video, cannot log back in

Issue #14088501 • Assigned to Scott L.


Oct 5, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

Was watching COSMOS on, using Edge browser on Windows10, middle of the episode, I am booted out of Netflix, and back to sign-in screen.
Attempted to sign-in by entering screen name and password, and hit enter, the screen refreshes back to empty sign-in screen, without any response or error code, etc.
After rebooting same problem exists.
Called Netflix tech support, they suggest I make sure clear history when exiting is turned off (it already is), and say they “have no other suggestions, it is a common browser issue with Microsoft. Try Chrome, it always works.”
It’s true, Chrome works, Android works, with same SN+PW.
You need to help me, AND give the solution to Netflix tech support, or be prepared to lose a LOT of browser users!!


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