Booted from mid-video, cannot log back in

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Oct 5, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

Was watching COSMOS on, using Edge browser on Windows10, middle of the episode, I am booted out of Netflix, and back to sign-in screen.
Attempted to sign-in by entering screen name and password, and hit enter, the screen refreshes back to empty sign-in screen, without any response or error code, etc.
After rebooting same problem exists.
Called Netflix tech support, they suggest I make sure clear history when exiting is turned off (it already is), and say they “have no other suggestions, it is a common browser issue with Microsoft. Try Chrome, it always works.”
It’s true, Chrome works, Android works, with same SN+PW.
You need to help me, AND give the solution to Netflix tech support, or be prepared to lose a LOT of browser users!!


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

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    • Thanks for filing this issue! Unfortunately, we’re not able to reproduce this on the latest Windows Insider Preview builds. Would it be possible for you to either retry on the Fall Creators Update or the latest Windows Insider Preview build to see if that resolves your issue? If not, please feel free to reactivate this issue and I can provide additional steps to collect network traces so that we can dig deeper into what’s going on.

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