AltGr keys such as "@" do not work in browserAction popup windows

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Kyle S.
Oct 9, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

Note: I originally opened this issue at but it appears is is no longer accessible for some reason?

User with international keyboards that use AltGr to enter keys such as @ do not work in browser action popup windows. Pressing the key combo does nothing and users are unable to register or signup (email address) using the extensions popup window. This has been mostly noticed by our users with German keyboards.

You can use the bitwarden web extension for Edge to observe this behavior:

The only workaround is to open the popup in a full page tab by navigating directly to: ms-browser-extension://EdgeExtension_8bitSolutionsLLCbitwardenFreePasswordManager_h4e712dmw3xyy/popup/index.html


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    • Hi
      I personnaly encountered a problem with my connecting to Bitwarden. I solved the problem thanks to their advice, which I paste :
      I am guessing you are using AltGr for the @ key? This is a known bug in Edge for extension popup menus and there isn’t much we can do. The only workaround is to sign in using the full screen tab of the extension. You can access it bu entering the following in your address bar:


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