When creating new stylesheet from a string it uses cached selector names/formatting

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Krzysztof K.
Oct 12, 2017
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This was quite interesting finding. In CKEditor we use a code which creates a new stylesheet from given CSS string (when processing content pasted from Word - https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor-dev/blob/6102c2b5220d8cedbc992229d15e787f547d7a9f/plugins/pastefromword/filter/default.js#L780).

In some particular cases we noticed that even though we pass the CSS string lowercased to this parse function the result contains selectors camelcased (it is described in detail here: https://github.com/ckeditor/ckeditor-dev/issues/1042). The parse function “translated” to pure JS without CKEditor deps looks like this:

function createIsolatedStylesheet( styles ) {
  var style = document.createElement( 'style' ),
      iframe = document.createElement( 'iframe' );

  iframe.style[ 'display' ] = 'none';
  document.body.appendChild( iframe );
  iframe.contentDocument.documentElement.appendChild( style );

  style.textContent = styles;
  return style.sheet;

It seems that when document contains style tag with some CSS containing this exact selector, when same selector is used when creating new stylesheet its name/value uses same formatting (when it comes to upper/lowercasing).

I created two codepen samples:

I’m not sure, but you may need to clear browser cache between running those samples.


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