Resizing of the Edge Browser sometimes doesnt work.

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Maximilian S.
Oct 15, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
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Steps to reproduce

If you resize the Brower many times the Content in it gets stuck into the old position.
So it is like only half of the Page and you have to restart it.
This also sometimes occures if you open the Dev Tools and do the resizing.

This Issue is very annoing and happens on all my Devices so it cant be a bad Installation or the Device itself.

The Main Device where I have this Issue is an Surface Pro 2017.
I think that this issue is maybe caused, if you switch from Touch to Keyboard some times and do the Resizing.


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    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Assigned To to “James M.”

    • I see the same issue, I think. Since I changed to a 4K monitor, it seems to happen more often. The Edge browser windows shows a thin blue edge to mark the outer bounds of the resized window, but the inner content of the window is transparent except for the region rendered before the resize.

      Even the title bar icons for minimize, maximize and close are not drawn, however if I click where these icons should be, they still seem to "work". I can close the window, but If I maximize, the full screen version still doesn’t render outside of the original size rectangle. Also when I minimize and the bring back the window, the original rendered region is drawn as a solid blue rectangle with no content and the rest of the window is still transparent.

      I can provide a dump file from this state if needed.

    • When part of the window is not rendering, if I drag the lower right corner, I can see the content in the rendered area change its layout as if the window had the larger size. So the window size information is available for layout and border drawing, but the paint / rendering is not getting the new size/

    • Microsoft Edge Team

      Changed Status

    • Hello,

      Thank you for providing this information about the issue. We are already investigating this complaint, and are considering a solution for a future build of Edge. We are presently tracking this issue as a duplicate of an existing internal bug report. We look forward to additional feedback you may have on how we can improve Microsoft Edge.

      Best Wishes,
      The MS Edge Team

    • Getting the same behavior on my desktop machine. Won’t be using Edge until it’s resolved. Not being able to resize a window is a MAJOR problem for a web browser.

    • I may never switch to Edge. Microsoft released a product before it was ready and they expect the end users to do their testing. Switching to Mac next year. All done with MS.

    • Sorry - I can reproduce this problem at will.

      It not only affects Edge - which I do not use as a result - but also other apps that must use the same internal API. In particular I use Grover Pro podcast application. Mike W description onOct 31st is identical to my experience.

      I would add that I am using a multi-monitor setup with 4 screens, the latest Nvidia drivers, on W10 Pro 1709 16299.64 with 24GB memory. No pen or touch devices.

      Whilst I can use other browsers, my podcast app is used continuously all day every day, and there is no other app with the same excellence.

      I don’t know when this problem started happening, it was the release prior to Fall Creators probably. Just taken me rather a long time to find this place to report it.

      I repeat - It is reproduceable !!

    • I have the same issue, only on my computer with a NVidia 1070 GPU set to 4K res - the temp fix for me is a reboot (not a restart). Seems it can take days for the issue to reappear. No issues on my other two gaming rigs running at 4K with an Intel and AMD GPU. I still like Edge!!

    • I understand that there may be another issue Microsoft are aware of. But please can the status be changed from NOT REPRODUCIBLE - this is a constant issue with at least three separate applications I use. Maybe it needs to be elevated to a team beyond Edge, because the problem is more deep seated.

    • I have the same problem. This makes Edge almost unusable. Sometimes even closing Edge and opening it again does not fix it - only signing out the Windows session!

    • I see this too. If you resize the window to make it larger, the window itself resizes, but the content isn’t rendered in the new areas. If you maximize, you can’t even get to the buttons to restore the size, because they’re in the area that’s not rendered. If you have enough tabs open that they occupy the entire rendered area, you can’t drag the window to restore it, because there’s no blank part of the tab bar to click. Interestingly, if you click on the icon in the task bar, then right-click to get the context menu, the menu appears, but when you move the mouse to click on "Restore", the context menu disappears. The only way to restore is to set aside your tabs so you have some unoccupied part of the tab bar to grab and drag.
      It’s a drag. Really.

    • Still broken using a new Surface Book Pro. Ghostery is the only active browser extension. Seems pretty lame.

    • Happens to me too. After few days Edge becomes corrupted and can’t handle resize.
      I can’t believe it is going on for so long.

    • Experiencing exactly the same problem with Edge and NO OTHER APP that I use. It’s been going on for months. Dell Optiplex 960, NVidia GeForce GT 630, 2560x1440, display scale factor 225%. OS Build 16299.248.

    • @Douglas S. I thought the same thing that it only affected Edge. I found last week that I see the same problem in Microsoft 3D paint.

    • Hello all,

      I am commenting due to the fact that I was doing some development research. I have noticed that Microsoft as far as I know does not support the CSS resize property so if that how the source was designed that may be why. Turns out the browser itself IE & Edge does not support that CSS feature, however there is a jQuerry work-a-round which I am trying to figure out now. If there is any Microsoft Team member in this forum, is there any projection on what solution for this issue that Microsoft Recommends will be remedied, or is there a best practice for creating the same effect? Thank you very much and this is a question from a developer standpoint, not a end user. Please feel free to redirect me if appropriate.


    • Likewise I’m seeing this issue. I’m only seeing this in Edge. It’s been going on for several months now (where previously it was working correctly). Essentially it means that you either have to use the browser at its default size on launch or use a different browser.

    • Same, on a 4k monitor, 1-week old machine, W10Pro. Happily, there are other browsers that work, so Microsoft can go ahead and continue its leisurely effort to reproduce and maybe fix this giant chewy bug.

    • Ha! Just saw the built-in calculator do this too.

    • @Diane L. I also see it in Microsoft’s calculator application. Perhaps we need to escalate this to a Windows 10 OS forum. It has been observed in Edge Browser, 3D paint, and Calculator. All of which were developed by Microsoft.

    • I have added a new issue to Windows 10 Desktop, "Multiple applications dont render into new region when the window is expanded (Edge, Paint 3D, Calculator, …)"

      I started going down the Microsoft applications in the new modern style and
      I also see it in :
      Get Help,
      Mail, (not outlook)
      MS Power BI,
      Groove Music,
      Movies and TV,
      there are probably more, but I got tired of looking for them.

    • Mike W.
      I see this mostly at work on a PC where I tend to have a lot of Widows open, so I wonder if it has to do with resources?

    • I also have this issue with Edge and other applications such as Mail and Calendar. I have a 4k screen as well and use DPI scaling. Rebooting the computer works to fix it, but it is incredibly annoying and prevents me from using Edge as a default browser.

    • I have the same issue on windows 10, LG Ultrawide dispaly 3440x1440, Intel Iris pro graphics 580.
      I have seen this on many applications. More when using edge.

    • (Also using a 4K screen 3840 X 2160, NVidia GTX 980m ) Condition will develop when edge is used to present user homepage on a Synology Diskstation. It does not occur immediately, taking some indeterminate time to occur.

    • Observing the same on a Dell Precision M4800 running Windows 10 Pro Version 1709, OS Build 16299.334.

      Some additional info: At times I use this box docked and with two external 4k Monitors. The laptop has a 4k display as well which is switched off when docked. I observed this issue after the following sequence:

      1. Docked with 2 external 4K monitors. Edge renders correctly
      2. Put the box to sleep by closing the lid
      3. Undocked box while being in sleep mode
      4. Opened box thus waking it up from sleep mode
      5. Edge firstly just showed gray content was not responsive
      6. Killed Edge using Task Manager and restarted Edge. Now the resizing problem shows up as described above.

      Note that I have not observed this kind of behavior by Edge before and I have not observed this kind of behavior with any other software on this box since I bought it 2 years ago. According to “Windows Update” there are no further updates available for my Windows Pro installation.

    • Add me to the list of people having this problem. It seems to happen on Edge and all Windows Store (Modern UI) apps. Large (38") external monitor connected to Surface Book hub.

    • Adding to my prior post. For the record this also affects the Win10 “Sticky Notes” application in the same way, i.e. any increase in size of the original note window is not rendered.

    • Having same issue with Edge, Mail client, and other MS windows. Switched to Chrome and eM client and will avoid the MS applications where it happens. Very annoying.

    • I am having this same issue. Dell Widescreen Monitor running on Dell Tower running NVIDIA QUADRO M4000. A reboot fixes the issue for some period of time and then it starts again. It happens for all Windows Store Apps (OneNote, Calcualtor, Edge etc)

    • Here is a link to a YouTube video that shows the problem:
      link Windows 10 App Sizing issue

    • I am pretty sure that nobody from Microsoft is looking at this issue because it is marked as "Not Reproducible". I know, it is reproducible. I opened a ticket in Microsoft community to try and get the OS group to take a look. I was redirected to the “Feedback Hub” where I put in a new ticket today called "Multiple applications dont render into new region when the window is expanded (Edge, Paint 3D, Calculator,". I referenced this issue number in the details so I hope they look here at all of your useful comments.

      Please open “Feedback Hub” by searching on the start menu. Search for my title and up-vote it there.

    • I can’t find your Feedback Hub post but I did upvote a few that described the issue. I also created a community post here if you would like to comment:

    • Hellooooo. Microsoft. Anybody home?

      There is a syndrome that strikes software dev teams, which has stricken Microsoft, called “Works on MY machine, I don’t know what YOUR problem is”.

      Obviously, this old, nasty bug occurs all the time among the hoi polloi (i.e. paying customers). I would almost bet nobody in Microsoft has a 4k monitor. I don’t know what might elevate this bug out of hobby status other than to keep carping about it, which I’m doing - such is unresponsive bureaucracy.

    • @Eric I. I get “Access Denied” trying to see your community post.

      I have a link that takes you to the “Feedback Hub” issue that I raised:

    • Reproduced. I can’t use Edge. I can’t resize window. MAy be, Edge it is not important for
      MS. So lets dont use it. :-(

    • I have this exact issue with Edge and a program called Musicnotes.

    • Just adding my voice to the chorus. 4k monitor and can’t resize (bigger) most MS apps. Pretty pathetic that they haven’t addressed it by now. It makes a bunch of Windows useless.

    • This also affects Windows Mail.

      I had this problem on an old system - I just got a new one (Nuc8i7HVK) - and it’s happening again. it also happens to Windows Mail. I have 3 4k displays. My previous system had 2 4k displays.

      On my previous system a graphics driver update seems to have fixed it. This machine is very new. It only affects Windows Mail and Edge though.

      MS? Could it be a graphics driver issue? What hardware is everyone else running this on?

      My 8i7HVK has Radeon Vega M graphics.

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