Audio problems on Microsoft Edge 15 - using Microsoft Surface Pro device

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Sophia K.
Oct 16, 2017
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Needs root cause
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Steps to reproduce

When using Microsoft Edge 15 browser on a Microsoft Surface Pro device, there is a problem with playing 3 or more audio files. The 1st and 2nd audio plays, however, the 3rd, 4th, etc. audio doesn’t play.

The same website or page works on a desktop computer using Edge and other browsers, as well as most tablets. I have only encountered this issue when using Microsoft Edge on a Microsoft Surface device. I have tried on multiple Microsoft Surface devices so I don’t believe there is a problem with the device other than it can’t play 3 or more audio files. No problems were found when troubleshooting the device.

This can be tested using the following website:
Copy the audio controls tag to duplicate the audio file 3 or more times.

Is this a known issue? We hope there is a resolution as this problem is affecting some of our e-learning/ online courses from being sold.




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    • Copy and paste this code in website above to test:

    • [Public comment from customer Sophia]

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