Edge closes continuously at startup.

Won’t fix Issue #14349919


Juan G.
Oct 23, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

After displaying the edge image works correctly, but when we join it to the domain, it seems that some users experience the error continuously. (see details in attached file)

Windows edition is 1607, with september acumulative update.
Office 365 ProPlus
AV: Mcafee Endpoint Security 10.5
EMET 5.5

Please can help me on this? I have numerous pc with this problems.



Comments and activity

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Steven K.”

  • Would you be willing to some additional debug information?  I am requesting 3 items.  They should all be from the same PC having this issue.  I know you have multiple with this issue.

    If the file sizes are too large to upload please provide a link to a public oneDrive shared folder or some other online resource.  Let me know if you need another option.


    1. System Information File.
      Please provide a copy
      of your System Information file. To access your System Information file select
      the keyboard shortcutWin+R

    type msinfo32 

    click OK 

    Place the cursor on System

    . Select File, Export and give the file a name noting
    where it is located. Click Save. 

    in the txt file format are preferred.
    Do not place the cursor within the body of the report
    before exporting the file.

    The system creates a new System Information file each
    time system information is accessed. You need to allow a minute or two for the
    file to be fully populated before exporting a copy.

    1. Event Viewer events

    To access the System log select the keyboard
    shortcut Win+R

    type eventvwr.msc

    press the ENTER

    From the list in the left side of the window select Windows Logs and System.
    Place the cursor on System, select Action from the Menu and Save All Events as

    default evtx

    type) and give the file a name. Do not provide filtered files. 
    Do not place the cursor in the list of reports before
    selecting Action from the menu

    . Do not clear logs

    you have a continuing problem.

    1. A crash dump.  This is a bit more work to perform but not too bad.

    Download Debug
    Diagnostic Tool v1.2 from


    installed open “DebugDiag2 Collection” and select the rule type ‘Crash’ and
    click next.


    Select target type select ‘

    and click next


    the text box next to Selected Process please enter iexplore.exe and click next


    the Advanced Configuration please just click next


    in the Select Dump Location please take note of the location where the dump
    file will be written. You can change this to another location if you wish.
    Click Next then Click Finish.


    you have reproduced the crash, open the folder location from step 5 above.
    Locate the file ending in .dmp. Please compress (zip) this .dmp file(s) and
    upload them to connect. 

    Once you have reproduced the crash open the folder
    location from step 5 above. Locate the file ending in ‘.dmp’. Please compress
    (zip) this ‘.dmp’ file(s) and upload.

  • Hi,

    I uploaded the files.

    The process MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe does not generate a DMP, I have forced the generation of the DMP with WER, the log if it is DebugDiag


  • I have uploaded an dmp file of microsoftedge.exe to my onedrive


  • I upload additonal dmp & log files


  • Appreciate you taking the time to provide the debug logs and information.  I will take a look and continue my investigation.

    Thanks again,


  • Also, that does make sense that “MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe” is not crashing.  “MicrosoftEdge.exe” is the first exe to load and then the other processes are launched as needed, e.g. “MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe.”  Appreciate you sorting that out.  :-)

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Scott L.”

  • Hello,

    I have monitored processes by filtering the processes (browser_broker.exe, MicrosoftEdge.exe, MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe, ApplicationFramehost.exe) and I do not see MicrosoftEdgeCP.exe running as you indicated.

    See ProcessMonitor.csv File.


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Sebastian P.”

  • Hi guys.

    Do we have any news in this matter? We have 200 teams with the same problem.

    Thanks for your hard work.


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To from “Sebastian P.” to “Bob S.”

  • We looked at the stack trace you provided and see that Edge is failing in applying the code integrity policies.  This means that a non-Microsoft-signed version of Edge is attempting to run, I.e. the version you are trying to start is not as delivered from Microsoft.

    It is interesting that this happens only after joining to the Domain.  Can you verify that Edge is not being updated or trying to run another version?  This can be caused by malware and sometimes anti-malware programs.

    Let me know what you find,


  • We have detected that the problem occurs when we install EMET 5.5, then even if we uninstall it, it does not work again.

    On computers where we do not install EMET, it works correctly.

    I have found a similiar thread


  • Thank you for sending the update about EMET being the root cause.  I believe this tool kit is not required for Windows 10 applications and from the link you sent actually interferes with Edge’s built in application security.

    In order to restore Edge on the machines that are still having this issue, I.e. even after uninstalling EMET, I recommend deleting the Edge folder and restoring it using the directions in the following link:


  • Unfortunately we have tried what it says in your article without success, we have been testing solutions of this type for months but we can not get any of them to work.

  • Thanks for the update.  I will forward the information.

    Another option is to try some of the items in the following link.  The information here is comprehensive and I do not think you need to do most of them.  However, I was thinking about running some of the DISM and health check (SFC) commands.


    Also, I think the last resort work-around is re-imaging the systems and then not applying the EMET install scripts, etc.  Assume you knew that and are trying to avoid.  Just stating just in case.  :-)

    You might also want to start a case with general Windows support:



  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, I have also tried these steps and it has not worked for me.

    I have already created an image without EMET and it works well, the problem is that I already have 500 EMET devices deployed and therefore have the problem of closing EDGE, what I need is to know how I can run EDGE after uninstalling EMET.

    I will try to open a support case.


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To from “Bob S.” to “Steven K.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

  • Hi,

    Not sure if you have mitigated this issue already or not.  I do have another suggestion for you to try.  Try the new feature to “Repair” or “Reset” Edge.  However, I believe this should do “about” the same thing as was done before when you deleted Edge’s folders and re-installed.

    & Features->Microsoft Edge->Advanced Options-> [Repair | Reset]

    I have attached screenshots as well ‘Edge_repair_n_of_3.png’

    Let me know your status and if this works for you,


  • Hi Steven,

    Unfortunately Microsoft Edge does not appear in the list of applications to be able to perform the repair as indicated.


  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Won’t fix”

  • Hi Juan,

    Thank you for letting me know about the option not being available.  I have informed the development team.

    I think at this point will we need to go with the clean install option.  Sorry for the inconvenience and we very much appreciate you helping us root cause this issue.  I am going to close this ticket as won’t fix and are aware of the incompatibility of this product and Window 10’s enhanced security application environment.


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