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Cheyanne B.
Oct 24, 2017
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Hi. I couldn’t find where to actually post this conundrum so hopefully you don’t take this down right away. I have a Lumina phone. It was like $30, so. It says I need to update the system, fine with me, however it also says the update is upwards of 700mb. This wouldn’t be a problem for most phones, but we’re talking about a Lumina (530) here. This phone has 3.6gb or so of storage space, fair enough, I just put a big SD card in, no worries, but considering 2.99gb of phone space is taken up by 'system’, it seems that it is absolutely impossible to install an update, even after I delete/move everything in local storage.

Windows, what do? This phone is bad enough as it is, and now I don’t even have the luxury of installing standard updates to let it work better.


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