IE11 freezes when editing rich-text with spell-checker on

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Oct 25, 2017
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Steps to reproduce

we are having issues when editing rich-text using IE11 in our Polarion application. The issue is not easy to reproduce, but what usually makes the browser freeze completely (cannot be even closed, >90% of 1 processor core used):

  1. Have spell-checking turned on (Typing setting on Win10), we were not able to reproduce the issues without that.
  2. Login to our application on URL: , credentials are in the attachment. You will see a workitem form page with multiple rich-text fields (descrption can be edited after clicking the Description label, 2 more fields are below it).
  3. Insert long text into the fields. (It is there already, but you can try inserting more if it doesn’t freeze already)
  4. Try some editing in the fields - typing new text, copy-pasting, reformatting.
  5. If it still doesn’t freeze, try opening another window a return to the original one after a couple of minutes.


  1. We couldn’t reproduce the issue with spell-checking off - therefore we blame it.
  2. We couldn’t reproduce it with other browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Edge.
  3. Our front-end is based on GWT framework.

Please investigate. Thanks



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