Spacebar presses toolbar buttons instead of scrolling

Duplicate Issue #14571590 • See Issue #3170593


Luke H.
Nov 8, 2017
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Found in
  • Microsoft Edge
See progress on Bug #3170593
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Steps to reproduce

Steps To Reproduce:

  1. In Edge, navigate to any website that requires vertical scrolling.
  2. Using the trackpad, mouse, or touchscreen, click or tap the Refresh button on the toolbar.
  3. Press the spacebar (on a physical keyboard).

Expected Results:
Edge should scroll the page.

Actual Results:
Edge refreshes the page.

Click or tap the web view to move focus from the toolbar to the web view prior to pressing spacebar.

Other information:
Firefox and Chrome appear to always scroll the page when the spacebar is pressed, unless:

  • an input field is selected
  • a dialog box is visible
  • a menu is open


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