XPath table column 1 selection incorrect output

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David H.
Nov 9, 2017
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  • Microsoft Edge
Standard affected
XML Path Language (XPath)

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Steps to reproduce

When trying to get the first column of a table using XPath it instead returns only the first cell. It seems that 1 is not treated as a number.

Demonstration below, but was found through selenium:

https://codebeautify.org/Xpath-Tester (uses the browser’s evaluation)

XML Input

<tr> <td id="1" /> <td id="2" /> <td id="a" /> </tr>
<tr> <td id="3" /> <td id="4" /> <td id="b" /> </tr>

XPath Expression


expected result:

<td id="1" />
<td id="3" />

actual result

<td id="1" />

changing the xpath to:


results in the correct output

Numbers other than 1 work:
XPath Expression


expected and actual output

<td id="2" />
<td id="4" />


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    • //tr/td[01]

      also works

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