Undo/Redo Not Working Correctly in IE11-based MSHTML Editor

Won’t fix Issue #1460899


Jan 26, 2015
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Steps to reproduce


Repro Steps:

While using IE11 as an editor…

  1. Execute the new “ms-beginUndoUnit” command on the document object
  2. Make changes to one or more elements in the document via an MSHTML interface (IHTMLStyle works well)
  3. Execute the new “ms-endUndoUnit” command.
  4. Attempt to undo the editing unit that you just created.

Expected Results:

All changes made via an MSHTML interface that occur between a BeginUndoUnit and EndUndoUnit (or IDM_BEGINUNDOUNIT and IDM_ENDUNDOUNIT commands) should be properly batched as a single undo step.

Actual Results:

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