Browser tabs show "Waiting for response from xxxx"

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Matt S.
Nov 15, 2017
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The browser tab for a web site shows “Waiting for response from xxxx” after the page returns and is rendered even if the html code has the <title> tag in the <head> where xxx is the domain of the site.

It seems to occur when the server is responding in a slower than normal fashion (ie. large pages). Once the title has changed to the waiting message, it doesn’t seem to change back to the normal page title.

Edge00.png shows the tab as it should be rendered. Edge01.png shows the tab after it has the waiting message.

Even if you do a hard refresh of the page, the message does not disappear. The only way is for you to correct the situation is the fully close the tab and reopen the site in a fresh, newly minted tab or to open a brand new web site in the tab.

It seems that if the page takes longer than 250 or 500 ms, the waiting message will be displayed in the tab.


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  • Microsoft Edge Team

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  • Can confirm this issue in Microsoft Edge version 41.16299.15.0 (EdgeHTML 16.16299).

    Can get stuck on that title "Waiting for response from … (server name)", such as on a forgot password email sending or similar which takes a short while to process.

  • Can confirm:
    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299

  • Hello,

    Thank you for providing this information about the issue. Unfortunately, we are unable to reproduce this problem in Edge with the information at hand. Please update this case when you can provide a sample website and any required steps to reach the problematic page.

    Best Wishes,
    The MS Edge Team


    Click either button after page loads.

  • The code to make this page was:

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Threading;
    using System.Web;
    using System.Web.UI;
    using System.Web.UI.WebControls;

    namespace opencycle
    public partial class test : System.Web.UI.Page
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)

        protected void Unnamed1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Response.Write("Delayed 2000 ms");
        protected void Unnamed2_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            Response.Write("Delayed 5000 ms");


  • I can reproduce the issue with the provided website.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “travil”

  • My particular problem is that I get the waiting for response from XXXX when using online backing. It does not allow me to get past the sign in page. I have no problem when using the back mobile app on phone.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

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    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

    Changed Assigned To to “travil”

  • I just installed my windows 10. So my system is clean enough. Accessing any search result from will cause “Waiting for response” issue. Network is good. Chrome is doing good.

  • This issue has become problematic for our development team. We are getting grief from management and from marketing as they are making unfounded assumptions about the performance of our sites.

  • This is a problem on 41.16299.15.0. Once a tab gets into ‘Waiting for response’ state it never changes back. Setting document.title = 'blah’; in javascript changes the document title but the Edge tab remains as-is (only AFTER entering this state).

    A seriously embarrassing issue. Should have been picked up at any one of several stages of testing. :-(

  • Facing the same issue in Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0, I have been facing this issue in previous builds as well. One more observation I would like to share is when I restart the system with few tabs open , the edge will not be able to load those tabs again, It will go into an infinite waiting for response state, until I close the tab and re open the page in new tab or restart the edge.

  • I also face this issue in Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0 and it working after press F5 while changes into site.

    so is it fixed in the current version?

  • I checked into IE10, IE11, IE12 and Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0 in that I face the same error.

    is it fixed into latest version ?

  • I get the same issues.
    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299

    It happens on this page all the time

    I do have bit defender installed. could that be causing the issue?

  • Found that is clears if you do a page refresh with a short response time from the server. This is visually alarming to casual users.

  • This has just started happening with one of our servers across multiple applications in the last couple of days. Maybe the server is running a bit more slowly but overall its perceived performance is fine. The server is Windows Server/IIS by the way. I was just starting to be won over by Edge then this comes up…

  • Same here – just started happening. (hosting :Azure)
    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299

  • I have the same problem when I first open Edge. Once it lags for about a minute, it finally opens the webpage I tried to access. After that, I can go to any website and it no longer lags. This has been happening for several months.

  • I have the same version of Edge as Randy B.

  • I have had exactly the same issue as Matt - as have all of my friends who have Windows 10 - this started happening roughly after the last big update that Microsoft sent out…appears to be too much of a co-incidence not to be linked somehow? This issue is definitely getting worst too - this morning I could not get to my home MSN page until a few close and re-opening of Edge and relevant tabs…It even looked as if the Internet connection had disappeared…when I checked it the Router and connection was working just fine on my phone…!! Hoping if enough people report this it will be sorted out by Microsoft personnel.

  • Same thing happening here. This has turned into a nightmare. After last big update which failed 4 times everything went down hill from there. Notice programs showing install date as the same as update failure. Those programs were initially installed years ago.

  • Same happens in my PC with Microsoft Edge. Latest build and previous builds too. It says "Waiting for response". Happens quite often and doesn’t happen in any particular page, but all of them. I like Edge but with this issue I end using Chrome.

  • Fix Edge or re-install old IE! Still the same on my PC’s for more than a month. Chrome does work perfect, so it is not something else

  • Postings on this issue date back to mid November. Does anyone a Microsoft have an idea when the issue might be addressed?

  • It appears there is no one from Microsoft has responded to this issue since December. No doubt, I need to stop using Edge and go back to Chrome or Opera.

  • I have exactly the same problem, only consolation is it’s not only me but Microsoft need to find a solution.
    I am another who has moved over to Chrome.

  • I’ve been having this happen quite often as well. I first noticed it developing in Visual Studio 2017. Ironic as it may be, I just signed in to comment and now this page itself shows "Waiting for response from…".

  • I checked with new install and same error occurred into IE10, IE11, IE12 and Microsoft Edge 41.16299.15.0.

    Please reply as soon as possible.

    Otherwise we have only option to use Chrome or Firefox browser instead of Microsoft Edge.

  • Same problem here;
    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299
    Only just started using Edge on Win10 Pro. Seems to appear when browser has to wait about 100+ms, then it won’t go away no matter how quick the pages refresh

  • Yep,I’m having this issue as well, I don’t know my model and stuff because I know next to nothing on tech, but I tried refreshing and closing all tabs but it keeps doing it, but they do load after several minutes. Its just irritating.

  • Same problem
    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 16.16299
    Windows 10 Pro Version 1709 OS Build 16299.248

  • Can we just have a fix as an update Please


  • I use Google Chrome now. It works so much better. No longer do i have to wait forever for a page to load.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To from “travil” to “Travis L.”

  • I’ve observed this annoyance in Edge for quite some time now.

  • I give up. I’ve switched to Firefox. It does not seem to have these issues. It’s a shame. I like Edge but I open too many tabs to deal with this problem anymore.

  • It is pretty annoying. I am wondering, are you all using Adblock (the extension)? I deleted Adblock and installed Adblock Plus and it all looks good so far.

  • Same issue here. Been a problem for a while on multiple desktops. This one is a fresh Win10 install.

  • same problem very noticeable over the last few weeks sometimes after it says "waiting for a response " it will say " it cant reach page "

  • I have had the same problem for at least 2 months. It is not on every search but is often enough to be so annoying that it drives me back to Chrome where it never occurs. using edge 41.16299.240.0.

  • I’m assuming the problem is quite complex or just not that important?

    Perhaps as a workaround, I suggest setting a timeout to recheck. Like if it’s taking longer than 20 seconds cycles, recall a function to see the status of the webpage and update the title accordingly till the page is fully loaded (even offer the user a cancel page load popup, if it continues for ages, to prevent hanging scripts, timeouts, or Bitcoin mining exploits, etc).

  • I suppose my scenario doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s worth mentioning: I had the same symptoms for months. Then, two weeks ago, I disabled the AdBlock extension and the problem never occurred since then.

  • I tried that with the ADBLOCK but still didn’t work . Even my YouTube has become unusable to watch videos on and it is starting to take longer and longer to load any video, sometimes the site itself doesn’t know what it is meant to be doing.
    I Don’t use Chrome as it keeps crashing. Every thing worked very well up until about 6 weeks SICK OF IT AT THIS STAGE WINDOWS 10 MICROSOFT EDGE = USELESS

  • I think there are two perspectives of the same issue being presented on this bug report.

    1. Developers and webmasters reporting that their web pages are presenting the user with a title as shown in the tab of the Edge browser that reads: “Waiting for response from xxxx” This is occurring on many sites and pages seemingly regardless of actual page load time. This bug report was opened by Matt S. on 11/7/2017. Others have added including myself on 1/5/2018.

    2. Edge users are reporting that some/many pages they browse to exhibit the same behavior.

    Even though this bug report is marked as confirmed, I cannot see any evidence that Microsoft is even giving a damn about this particular bug. From a developers point of view, it looks pretty bad to your users when your website tab just says Waiting…". It also looks pretty bad to your employers and clients when you try to explain that it is nothing that the development team is doing wrong, that it is a Microsoft confirmed bug. The response has been that if Microsoft doesn’t fix its bugs, we need to go with another technology. This is unacceptable to my client and I’m now being asked to develop a complex we solution in some other technology.

    What does it take to get some response from Microsoft?

    How does one escalate a Microsoft bug report, especially when 1) we are getting no response and 2) this shouldn’t be to hard to fix???

  • Adding another voice. This issue, and many others with Edge, started after 1703. Even this page is showing as “waiting for response” in Edge. I’m having a great many other issues with Edge since 1703, with it getting even worse in 1709. Frequent hangs, crashes, tabs disappear or it fails to load at all, just displaying a small white box in the top-left corner of the screen.

    I liked Edge, but whatever you did in 1703/1709 has broken it big-style.

    Windows 10 - better every time! Yeah, right!!

  • Arron E. ‎dropped by on Feb. 28 and wrote nothing. No one from Microsoft is bothering to address this problem. What the f__ck? Great customers support, eh?

  • Seems to get solved after deleting cookies, history, cache. Please try…

  • its getting worse 45 seconds and 2 tries to get onto this page

  • The same is happening here. Takes an age to reach webpage (or gives up!). The build no I have is 41.16299.248.0
    Have resisted chrome for a while but am now thoroughly fed up edge and will change to a less frustrating browser!

  • This is a MICROSOFT SITE does any of their USELESS employees / web site developers look at feed back. I ll give it a another week to see if there program improves after that they can SHOVE THEIR SERVICEs UP THERE ARSE

  • That it, had enough - it’s getting worse by the day!! Not just affecting browsing, apps like system, calculator and others that are seemingly dependent on the Edge core are also failing.

    I’ve gone back to Chrome until they sort this out.

  • I’m having the same problem, so I switched to Explorer.

  • This problem started for me back in February. I have never experienced this issue before. I have reinstalled Windows 10 Pro 64bit twice and no improvement at all. I have checked my internet speed and its perfect. The problem is definitely in Edge and seemingly went wrong with one of Microsoft’s updates in February!! Please fix or will have to consider other browsers!!

    Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0

  • you will be waiting along time before Microsoft fix anything since they don’t agree that there is a problem the USELESS HOORS

  • Same problem. All other browsers work fine. Edge always says “Waiting for response…” where the title should be. When can we expect a fix?

  • Hey folks, I currently can not repro this issue - but based on the number of other users that have hit this, it’s apparent it’s a problem. Any chance someone has a URL where this repros consistently so we can try and get the issue reduced. Thank you.

  • Greg, the source to reproduce the issue is in this thread. Tweak the delay if you need to. I even provided a test url:

  • A site I use often with the “Waiting for response from xxxx” issue is . There are others but this one for me is the most annoying.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Steps to Reproduce

  • Added repro URL - thanks Matt. I’m not able to repro this on EdgeHTML 17 with or without AdBlock enabled. What I am currently seeing is that the title of the tab changes to “Waiting for response from…” when a network response is created and it reverts to the HTML title once the response is received. Is that what you are seeing Matt or even when the content of Delayed5000 ms is added the “Waiting for response from…” remains?

  • Thanks - I tried; even throttling the network and it works as I described below.

  • For completeness sake, I tried the original repro URL of cervelo and that doesn’t show what is shown in the image. I’ll give these repro steps a try on 16299 build and report back my findings. If someone on the thread has an insider build of 17 and can try to repro it and let me know I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  • I just added a screen grab of my browser. We are all seeing the "Waiting for response from " on the browser tab.

    I think is frustrating for most of us because (and myself in particular), in that some of us have found and fixed bugs with far less information than provided. Especially since the is a bug introduced in November after an update. So, this should be relatively easy to find and fix given that someone change something in this area and should know about it.

    The crux is, if the site delays more than about 1500 ms, the “Waiting for response…” stays on the tab and the title from the html page does not replace the tab text. I don’t know what more we can do other than look at the code and point to the exact line where the issue is. Did you try the URL I provided? And BTW, I have a 1GB internet connection, so no throttling required on this puppy.

  •  Hey Matt, I tried the URL that you and the other user provided and it does not repro on EdgeHTML 17, additionally I attached (trying-repro-14673540.png and trying-repro-14673540.png) to show that it is working as expected. With regards to being easy to fix, I wouldn’t disagree that the investigation to solving the problem would be relatively straight forward if the bug repro’d. This particular problem can be an issue from networking through to the process model between EdgeHTML and the chrome, so having a verifiable repro is best route due to the shear amount of code and changes committed during releases. I am spinning up a 16.16299 build in hopes of trying to repro this issue. I’ll keep you posted and I appreciate your help and patience.

  • Greg, if it is working in Version 17 vs Version 16, then that is good. However, what I and the others don’t know is how 17 was branched from 16 and when. It is definitely in the current production version. As with all the other bugs I have reported, it seems that they get confirmed as happening and then not happening and then happing again but we never see any form of a fix. Bugs reported years ago are finally getting fixed. It is really frustrating for all of us to be using a third rate browser in terms of functionality when compared to IE. Who knows when stuff will be at the same functionality level. I very much doubt it after reading recently a version of Edge for iOS. That was very disheartening in that most of us just what the same basic features that were present in IE. And these are the simple things. And who knows when V17 will be out the door.

  • Yes, when is Version 17 going to be released? If the “Waiting for response from” problem does not occur when using 17, then I’ll be happy. By the way, Greg G. thanks for looking into this issue. I started noticing the problem around November, but don’t think I first complained until early February. From the message chain, it appeared that no one from the Microsoft Edge Team had commented since December. So, thanks.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “Site Outreach”

  • Hey KN: the official date hasn’t been publicly announced but it is the “spring” release so it is sooner rather than later, I’ll update this bug with the specific dates once they’ve been publicly released. With regard to the lack of comments, that’s our bad and I actually sat down today solely for this purpose to see if there were any bugs that were being commented on publicly that may be sitting in a place that may be overlooked by the feature teams and this is one of the bugs that popped up. Sorry for the delay in response - to everyone, I will continue to be looking at these bugs to ensure that they are acted upon in a timely manner.

    Matt - I completely understand your frustration and appreciate you filing the feedback. I’m not going to get into how our branching works, but basically once 16 is “done” the working branch becomes 17 and only stabilization fixes (of the most important bugs) are ported from the 17 to the 16 branch (again, this isn’t exactly how it works as there are many more moving parts but it’s the gist of what you’re asking).

    To everyone - I was able to repro the issue on 16299 provided by Matt (thanks again for that) and can confirm using the same machine that this DOES NOT repro in EdgeHTML 17 which will be coming out in Spring of 2018. Thank you all for your time and patience on this.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status from “Site Outreach” to “Fixed”

  • Wasn’t aware that the status for “External” was shown as “Site Outreach” on the public site - but basically I was able to track down some similar issues in the chrome of Edge and they re-worked the tabs and fixed this problem through their re-factor (thus to our team it’s “external”) - marking as “fixed” since that is how the users will see it.

  • Thanks Greg W. It’s good to see it marked as fixed. Time will tell, eh? Looking forward to EdgeHTML 17.

    I just want to state that I like Edge, overall. I love the way it is complemented by Cortana, which I have found I use a lot more than I thought I would. I’m a teacher and use it quite a lot in the classroom. I like the Windows key + C shortcut rather than saying “Hey Cortana.” That works a lot more seamlessly in classroom. I found speaking the phrase distracts the students. When, however, an answer comes out of the computer to a question someone just asked me, the students are usually pleasantly surprised.

    When I kept getting that “waiting for a response” lag, I found this integration between Edge and Cortana was not as useful as before. Frankly, at times, it sucked. When I used Opera, however, it was more responsive, but Cortana was not seamlessly integrated. I hope things will be back the way they were before that lag started happening.

  • not FIXED slow as a wet week page loads but is BLANK just pushing on the problem on im sick of EDGE at this stage i gave ye a week now PIDDLE OFF as ye probably wont check this for another 4 months THANKS

  • Hey Ruairi I can’t quite understand what you’re saying here. You’re saying that it isn’t fixed, I have verified in EdgeHTML 17 that it has been. With regards to the page being blank, that sound like possibly a different issue that I’d be more than happy to look into but please file a separate bug for that. Thanks.

  • Hi GREG W my problem is still says STILL WAITING FROM XXX the following sites YouTube blank screen for 20 seconds YouTube dose not seem to know what its meant to be doing if i STOP video it keeps going its nearly impossible to play a video CONSTANTLY Buffering ive a very strong signal , Done Deal waiting blank screen MARINE TRAFFIC takes for ever to load waiting & waiting and then Cant find page its a complete joke at this stage GREG a lot of Irish and euro sites not working very noticeable in the last few months Thank you

  • I’m assuming we just wait for the EdgeHTML 17 release? It’s currently still Microsoft Edge 41.16299.248.0 with EdgeHTML 16.16299 on mine.

  • Michael - Yes, the only bugs that usually get serviced to current users are security related fixes.

    Ruari - This sounds like a different issue, because if the page is still loading you should see “Waiting for response…” - what this fixes is that when the page has completed loading that statement goes back to what the author has set in the <title> of the page. Additionally, as I told Michael - this fix is coming in the Spring Update 2018 (which will be soon). If you are seeing a different issue, please file a separate bug. Thank you.

  • OK Thank You

  • Hey All,

    Just want to say that I am now using EdgeHTML 17 and I have encountered the same bug as described before, “waiting for response…”

    I have not had any problems with 17 until I started using adblocker, so perhaps it is related to extensions. I have read elsewhere that, at least in the previous version of Edge, disabling extensions could resolve the problem. But it would be really nice to be able to use extensions and load webpages at the same time, just sayin.

  • Hey John, I am not reproing the issue as initially stated in the bug where once the site has finished loaded it still says “Waiting for response.” I have adblock installed as well. Any chance that you have a url that you’re reproing this on that I can try so we’re comparing apples to apples.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Adam B.”

    Changed Status from “Fixed”

  • same here BUG NOT FIXED did update last Wednesday night 03/05 worked great until midday Thursday and started showing up again

  • this BUG IS NOT FIXED constantly happening
    I am switching to FIREFOX NOW as Microsoft Edge has been nothing but problems

  • I updated yesterday and currently is okay. Will post back if the problem arises again. At least the test case that is posted is working.

  • I can confirm on this end, since the update:
    Feature update to Windows 10, version 1803

    Windows 10 Pro - 64 bit Version 1803 (OS Build 17134.48)
    Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0
    Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134

    This issue has been resolved for me.

  • I have Microsoft Edge 42.17134.10 and EdgeHTML 17.17134 and still get the waiting for response from. Happens most often when going from to

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To to “Warren S.”

    Changed Assigned To from “Warren S.” to “Danni L.”

    Changed Status to “Confirmed”

  • I have the same problem, “waiting for response” on most on all the time I use my browser since I installed the new version of windows 10, this Edge is crap, never had my PC run so slow, it is going from bad to worst. I wish I could go back to windows 7 or 8 not the best but much better and faster than this crap. I own 3 laptop and each is running a different windows, shame on the guy say that windows 10 is good !!!

  • I’m involved in the Windows 10 Pro Insider preview program so get regular Windows 10 updates through the slow ring. I’m currently on Build 17677.rs_prerelease.180520-0940. Up until 2 update versions before this Edge was my default browser and worked just fine.
    Then suddenly after an update, Edge began having this problem of when opened, the initial window would open and say “Waiting for response” and after a brief period of a spinning icon, would just stop. I can’t close Edge or open other tabs. I can access the settings. Have tried all recommendations for clearing history, reinstalling, etc. Nothing works. After about 10 minutes, Edge will close down by itself.

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Status from “Confirmed” to “In progress”

  • Exactly the same problems that CHRIS H has said is what was happening to me
    All fine and then BANG constant problems Constantly Waiting and CANT FIND PAGE
    I switched to FIREFOX but if EDGE sorted itself out id be back in flash

  • I am having this issue too, just bought a laptop yesterday and can’t use the internet.

  • getting wore day by day PAINFULLY SLOW

  • Get this stupid Edge out and let the original browser back as it was .
    This Edge is crap, why do I have to refresh constantly? What are you guys hired to do ? Sabotage of Windows ? Give us back the old version, no more changes or improvements Please !!!

  • Microsoft Edge Team

    Changed Assigned To from “Danni L.” to “Greg W.”

  • Edge v.11.112.17134.0 "waiting for response"
    This happens consistently on any (most?all?) webpage(s).

    1. Email links.
    § Click a link in email in W10 Mail.
    § Edge opens.
    § Waiting for response" on tab (with blank site page).
    § Quickly close Edge, and quickly click the email link a second time
    will usually (almost always) open the web page immediately in Edge.
    2. Starting Edge
    § click Edge (i.e., on taskbar or from start menu)
    § “Waiting for response” on [Google search] home page tab (with blank site page).
    § Quickly close Edge, and quickly restart Edge
    will usually (almost always) immediately open [Google search] home page
    3. Edge running for a short time, after opening [Google search] home page with no problem
    § perform search
    § click on link in search (Google search set to open in new tab)
    § “Waiting for response” on new tab (with blank site page)

    1. This behavior is consistent in opening Edge immediately after logon. It seems to have worsened with the April 2018 release of W10. I’ve learned to start Edge and just immediately exit. At that point, and usually, Edge no longer exhibits the behavior for some period of time (perhaps through a subsequent logoff/logon). Edge always exhibits the problem immediately after a restart.
    2. I have also found that on some occasions, Edge will randomly exhibit the behavior after a start-close-restart sequence. IOW, Edge will re-open fine to the home page, but clicking a link within a webpage will cause the anomalous behavior after a start-close-restart opened the home page. HOWEVER …I have also noticed that IF I let the “waiting for response” tab spin (even in the case of multiple open search link tabs) and just go about my business (including opening a second instance of Edge - which seems to work fine), that eventually the first, “tabs-waiting-for-response” instance of Edge will finally open the sites. And Edge is just fine after that.

    This is an Edge-specific problem. If I open IE11 - even while Edge is exhibiting the symptom - I can go immediately to the webpages. Never a problem with IE. I also have a branch of FF called Pale Moon. It too will open the Edge symptomatic webpages immediately without issue. So the problem’s not something in W10. Just sayin’.

    Could this be a problem with security settings?
    Could this be a nameserver resolution issue?
    …or the proverbial “something else” LOL?

    Anyways. It’s a real problem. It has grown markedly worse and more common since the April 2018 release.

  • Oops. Additional clarification. I have two “main” workstations (both AMD 83xx based) and two laptops (one i5 based, and one i3 based), and all four systems consistently exhibit the same behavior as described above. So this isn’t some machine specific, or processor specific, problem. I would add that Edge Android (on a Fire HD8 tablet, and a Sony Z1 compact smartphone) does not exhibit this behavior.

  • I began having this problem with Edge after a Windows build update over a month ago. Nothing I did could correct the problem including reinstallation. Then last week came another early release build 17692.rs_prerelease.180609-1317 and magically Edge is fixed. So if you haven’t done a recent Windows Update and reboot, you might all give it a try.

  • I have not seen this problem in the last two weeks and know of no changes on my laptop. Before it was happening on a daily basis.

  • I have given up on using Edge, my system is still waiting for response from website. By using Firefox the website search comes right up.

  • i can’t use Edge its been months, tried other user profiles nothing. Edge is a big fat useless paperweight of browsers.

  • Now over a month without seeing this problem. As a retired system programmer I hate problems that appear and then magically disappear.

  • Hey folks, I wanted to give a quick update here. I posted fixed-waiting-tabs.mp4 under the attachments, on Edge 17 the scenario should be similar to what I’m showing in Edge 18 (you can install this via Windows Insiders). For the folks that are seeing that it magically has been fixed, I sent this bug to the team that owns the shell of Edge and they did some work in this space fixing another issue as well. As such, I’m curious if you all are Windows Insiders as that fix went out about 5 weeks ago which is about the time folks started saying it began working. 

    For this issue specifically we have not been able to repro it since the work done in Edge 17 using the scenario above. What I would really appreciate, is if you are on Edge 17 or on an Edge 18 insiders build and you can repro the problem - then take a capture trace of it using the Windows Feedback Hub. This will then provide us with an ETL trace and other device information to help narrow down the issue. If you do that, please post the feedback ID or link here so that I can link it in the DB to this one. If you haven’t used the Feedback Hub tool here is some documentation, I’m specifically asking to do the optional step in number 7 in this list

    Thank you all so much for your time and patience, we greatly appreciate it.

  • Hi Greg,
    Stopped happening for me too. I’m not sure when (the nature of things where it just ‘starts working’). I’m on Microsoft Edge 17.17134.
    I think it’s fixed…
    Thanks, Chris :-)

  • It hasn’t been fixed for me yet. Insider running Edge 18 and 17713. I didnt see any steps in your link but I submitted a track and trace in feedback hub using the same title as this post

    Waiting for response from xxxx

  • Hey Ron, thanks for the heads up - I’m looking at the Feedback hub item and there is no trace attached. The steps I was referring to are this:

    (Optional) Step through the problem while capturing the steps so we can see what happened.

        Select Recreate the problem (recommended)


        Select the type of problem you’re having, and select Start capture


        Do the steps that led to the problem.
        When you’ve completed the steps, select Stop capture


    If you can please run this by clicking “Add feedback details” on the bug you’ve already opened (or open a new one, whichever is easier for you) and then let me know and I’ll get this over to the app team ASAP so they can investigate. Thank you!

  • I am at wits end here with this issue. I am now on 17723. I gutted Edge package and ran the power shell script

    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}

    Rebooted. Launched Edge, which looked like it might do something. The Edge Windows was grey then turned black and prompted to enable extensions. I said no. Now its on the infinite Waiting for Response from…

    I will have to submit another trace I guess when I get some coffee in me in the morning. But its really wonky. I am almost ready to do a Recovery and keep my files, but that won’t really help us figure out what the problem is.

  • Click the Tools button and choose Internet Options.
    Click the General tab, and then, under Tabs, click Settings.
    In the Tabbed Browsing Settings dialogue box, do one of the following
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  • Click the Tools button and choose Internet Options.
    Click the General tab, and then, under Tabs, click Settings.
    In the Tabbed Browsing Settings dialogue box, do one of the following
    I solved my browser issue with this site
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  • Delay in opening new tab on edge just hangs and does not move blank page displayed any solutions please - thanks

  • Even if you do a hard refresh of the page, the message does not disappear. The only way is for you to correct the situation is the fully close the tab and reopen the site in a fresh, newly minted tab or to open a brand new web site in the tab.
    If anyone face printer issue click here

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